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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

If You Have The Time

spend some of it reading this article.



  1. While I found many of Hedges' points interesting, I also found the language particularly incendiary and, frankly, ridiculous at times. Using sweeping generalizations and a lot of revisionist history, he hasn't exactly proposed what is to be done or how it is to be done. It could be my own humble and personal, unintelligent philosophy, but I do think history repeats itself, often ad nauseum but that generally good prevails --at least for a time. While I bemoan the current state of affairs -- the state of the military/industrial/pharmaceutical complex, I don't think that it's the end of mankind. And I think our country is a behemoth of privilege and excess, the likes of which the world has never known. I'm still optimistic that it'll all shake out, but what do I know?

  2. Hi Elizabeth. Your response made me reread the article. I know this medium is not set up for discussion, but it would help me to understand the points you made if I knew specifically what you are referring to.

    I will confess to being a leftist liberal. And I have a natural interest in all things political. My education is representative of this ~ European History & Political Science. And the world has seen these excesses before, several times. It eventually brings down empire. It has not been the end of mankind, but much of mankind does expire as a result.

    As to what to do, frankly I think we have to go through the full cycle. Corporate hold is too strong, to the point that there is a mergence of State and Corporate. It will shake out, but it will be rough. Rightwing, corporate controlled governments have always failed, eventually. A society operating on psychotic principles cannot sustain itself.

    As far as what do you know....you know a lot. And it is difficult to think of life as it is becoming for so many; to grasp that a nation can be pulled to its knees whilst we go about our business. Deep done, there is a relief it's not us. And then, it is.

    I'm sorry if I upset you.

  3. Great read Sandra. There are a few out there really thinking about what is going on and who are not in a state of denial. Thanks for the link to that website too.

  4. Bonnie, I wish I could live in a state of denial. It would be so much easier on me.

    I listened to Chris Hedges for an hour this afternoon on a radio program I listen to as I am feeding horses. It was informative and unnerving. I think I need a stiff drink.

  5. Sandra: I might reach the same conclusions but from a completely different premise. It is quite scary to watch prophecy [as in biblical prophecy] come to fruition.

  6. Thanks for the link. I can't really say what I think here, but I will say that the word "fascism" has crossed my mind frequently lately.

  7. Ganeida, I don't think humankind needs a deity to usher in a nations' downfall. Humans are perfectly capable of destroying themselves without any divine intervention. I know there is comfort in believing. And I do appreciate your tolerance of my opinions.

  8. Angela, The original definition of fascism is the merger of corporations with political power. I do not think it is a big stretch to say we have that.

  9. Sandra, You didn't upset me at all. I find so much relief here and in your comments on my blog, such are the similarity of my thoughts with yours. I think a lot of my doom and gloom, though, is naturally tempered by despair/humor/sense of absurdity? Neither better nor worse but different, I guess. When I said that Hedges' ideas were too sweeping and often revisionist, I was referring to the whole fascism argument. I think big changes are afoot, are occurring, have been occurring for the last one hundred years. I also think there is an equal but apposite thing occuring - a raising of consciousness, helped along by technology that, I guess, could go either way. Anyway, I'd love to discuss further but perhaps in your beautiful home or out under those trees. It's difficult to really write coherently in a comment box!

  10. I'd love to sit with all of you and be in awe,
    but know that at least some people would rather talk about this than what's on sale somewhere.

    unless it's a king sized duvet or some new boots, because I'm currently looking for those,
    but you know what I mean..:)


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