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Thursday, June 14, 2012

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The earth laughs in flowers ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
I am a distant relative of Ralph, as we call him in the family, on my father's side. My one and only claim to fame, as it is passed down the family tree.

The earth isn't laughing so much of late, I think. She is having a conniption fit over our lack of care and understanding and I believe she will have the last bitter laugh if we are not careful of her.

Phytoplankton is not reproducing at an adequate rate. Phytoplankton is that microscopic stuff floating on the oceans surface which provides food for much of the marine life, and this is important, it provides about 50% of the earths oxygen. In other words, if this continues, we are screwed.

And the beat goes on........


  1. Oh, unfortunately I agree with you and my heart breaks at the expressed indifference of those who have the ability - and the power - to make things different.

    What a very nice, sensible and sensitive relative to have up the branch of the family tree. And you have gotten his good sense, of that I am sure.

    That iris is to die for, ours bloomed after the peonies this year and that to me is a sign that we are seeing something that you have to be both willfully ignorant and blind not to see. When the natural order of things is so altered something must be done to bring balance. Some time I wonder if there is something among humans that makes us tap danced at the edge of the cliff for the heck of showing how "smart" we are.

    Until we fall.

    And the band plays on while the nay-sayers who one suspects have no idea of what Phytoplankton is or its function continue to deny global warming, one cannot help but to wonder: do they have children? do they care about anything at all? I better go back to my baking, sanity hangs some times around my kitchen, I certainly need its company when I think about these things.

  2. It really is frustrating and terrifying to know we have or are about to reach the tipping point. Ignorance, religion and greed make a potent brew when mixed together.

  3. i tell you, it will take losing the netherlands before anyone pays attention to this climate change thing. and even then, we might not care, especially as they're making the coffee shops be for citizens only.

  4. If we lose phytoplankton, we will die. Even this is not blunt enough for the deniers.

    Do they check your passport before entering the coffee shop?


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