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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Old Horses

I have several old horses, all long-time companions. One of these, thirty year old Emmit, is a boarded horse and he has lived here for 14 years. Emmit and my 26 year old Tanzar started losing weight this spring. This past week Emmit lost considerable weight, even though he is eating well. It seems he isn't processing his food. It is such a hard thing to face, especially when he is still interested in food and life, but he is on his last days. 

Emmit's owner hasn't been out for a little over a week, so I have a hard call to make if I don't see her today. Emmit is a unique individual who has maintained his sense of distain for me all these years. He has a feisty, opinionated personality and no one could catch him unless he deceided, including his owner who learned to visit Emmit based on his schedule and not hers! He has always been a large personality and when he is gone there will be a large, empty space on the farm. We know intellectually that this will happen, but the reality never gets any easier, no matter how many times I have had to face it. With the number of old horses here and a couple of dogs as well, we will be facing it with some regularity.

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  1. Well, Emmit is still with us. His owner wants to try beet pulp and I don't see the harm, although a weight-loss such as he has had in such a short time says his melanomas are probably getting the best of him.

    He is his usual self, except he is even more wobbly, but he looks for his food with great anticipation and he bosses Tanzar around all day. It would be easier if he seemed miserable.


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