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Monday, July 25, 2011

When You Have a Minute

I know that the people who generally comment here know all or most of the information contained in this article, but it is worth the read and perhaps someone will read it who is not fully informed on the unjust tax policies of the US. It is pertinent, considering the constant refrain of "job creators". It is long, but if you have the time, worth reading, if only to reinforce what you already know to be true.

David Cay Johnston Article


  1. Thanks, Sandra -- I'll pass along.

    Grim, indeed.

  2. Well, since we are in a grim place in more ways than one, let me send you to somewhere in that incredible place known as the Greed Universe, whose inhabitants obviously care about nothing else but the survival of their universe, even tho in the process there would be no one to protect what they are so callously creating.

    I have the privilege of having met
    Helen Caldicott through Pauline and Richard and she has my gratitude and respect as few do. Here is something that broke my heart but I believe we can do something about if we spread it around:


    And I too miss your wit and given the times we are living I want to return to the Chinese their famous curse: May you always live in interesting times. I am looking forward for boring, three way political parties and my being totally healthy again so like Harry I can begin to give them Hell when I am strong enough to do it.

    Hugs from here, and you are right:
    McKenzie must know something we don't.

  3. Allegra, I watched the video of her March press conference in Montreal. I am literally welling up with tears.

    I told you not to waste your eyes or energy here, but you are stubborn and so you came anyway. And yes, the Chinese may have their curse returned. These times may be interesting if they weren't so completely dangerous and pathetic.


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