Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Bird on the Wire

My reasoned self says "You must not ask for so much." But my inner self from deep in the core says "Hey, why not ask for more?" You've gotta love Leonard Cohen. 

It has been a hot, wet summer. Minnesota has been like a rain forest jungle, something we of the northland are not suited to handle. We know parkas and Sorel boots. So I am like that bird on the wire. 

I still have nothing to offer. I am in hate of the direction we have taken in this once fair land. I am in sadness that violence has struck Norway. I wish the people of that good country a healing peace and I offer my deepest sympathy. 

Time has passed on the farm, summer is midway through and as it has so far played out, I will merrily kick it in the pants on its way out to fall. So, here are some images to affirm that I and mine are still alive and as well as is possible. The heat is on, the straits are dire, but the show goes on. I hope all is well out there.


  1. It's so good to hear from you (both here and your thoughtful comments on my own blog!). I've missed you.

    I hope you find some peace and relaxation in the rest of your summer.

  2. So wonderful.
    I wish you peace. However you find it.

  3. Ah, take heart. The only reality is what your eyes see, your nose smells and your fingers touch. All that other stuff in in the ether and has been so since we invented cultures and societies.

  4. Beautiful ~ all of it.

    Visited Oslo in '79. One of the most beautiful capital cities ever! Can't believe what has happened. Norway is such a beautiful & blessed country yet some have not the eyes to see it.

    Sitting on my rock, contemplating my navel. Nothing much to offer at the moment either. The cold seems to have iced over my brain. ♥

  5. Birdie! Not a bad nickname! You have so much to offer Sandra. There is such beauty in the everyday life you live. Howard made me smile. The old huge tree made me gasp, your strawberry dessert made me hungry and the final rose with it's pink soft bud outlined so sharply by its green cap was simply stunning. Thank you for sharing with me.
    Blessings friend.

  6. It is so nice to see a post from you. I feel much the same way as you most days. I don't know how much more "news" I can take. So I thank you for the lovely photos, and a glimpse of your corner of the world. The horses, the dog, the flowers are wonderful. And thanks for steering me to Leonard's amazing song. It's perfect. At least some things in life are, right? Enjoy these strange days of summer

  7. Hello Elizabeth, we have a nice day today. I am thankful to be dry! I'm going to try to get my groove back, but the thing is, it can't be forced. But I will try. : )

    deb, peace is elusive, isn't it?

    Ah, Bill. I wish it were so, but there is so much more to reality. But I will take your words to heart and attempt the one-day-at-a-time way. So not my style though!

    Ganeida, you've got a lot happening with the girl leaving for a far off land. I would be beside myself. So if contemplating your navel is your meditation method, it works for me.

    Deb, you always find the good somewhere in the mess! Thank you.

    Mel, it is insanity on steroids and it seems all we can do is watch in horror. I try not to look to closely, as I think it might blind me, but the urge is strong. I would marry Leonard Cohen. I don't think he would be interested though! There is no one like him.

  8. New to your blog. Really, really like the Spinoza and Bill Moyers quotes.
    Not to mention your horses.

  9. Hello A, thank you for stopping in and commenting.


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