Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Monday, June 20, 2011


Not in space, but rather in my little patch of earth called home. I have lost my voice, I have lost heart and I have lost drive. So I stay silent, as a person dwelling in the land of malaise is a person to be avoided, unless one is looking to become depressed and miserable.

Therefore, I have devoted my time and limited energy to my flowers, my dogs, horses and Mark; I think in this order. The iris are spent, the peonies pummeled into submission by unrelenting rain, the roses coming into their glory despite the weather. They have given me an excuse to stop in and say hello and sorry. Sorry I have not been more considerate, that I am not visiting and conversing with the few of you who are my friends. My reasoning is, my negative energy spills forth, whether intended or not, and I am unwilling to inflict it upon any of you.

The bright spot in my life is our former governor, Tim Pawlenty, falling flat on his miserable face as he attempts to play in the big leagues of presidential politics! Our other escapee from the asylum, Michelle Bachman, continues to make me shameful of the people in her district who endorse her with their vote. When did mean, vitriolic and uninformed become a virtue to be honored?

So, as the state of our Union makes my head ache and the state of Minnesota prepares for a government shutdown in two weeks, I will smell the roses and reach for the bottle of wine. And continue to resist the urge to whine to the universe.

Without further ado, the flowers of the gardens, which fill my house with heavenly scent and my heart with a much needed joy.


  1. Your roses are beautiful. I understand your malaise, it is hard to be a sane person in an insane world. I have to work not to hyperventilate if I pay attention to politics. And yes, the asshats are out in droves as we near another election year. I struggle to care.

    My yard, which is usually my haven, is infested with a plague of mosquitoes, thanks to 22 inches of rain so far this year. I spend entirely too much time hunting them down and killing them in the house so they don't eat us alive while we sleep. Ugh. Not exactly the fun summer I dreamed of all dreary damn winter. Yours must not be either.
    I hope the clouds lift for you soon. Thanks for checking in and sharing the lovely pictures.
    I think you gave me an idea for a post series - Wine and Whine. Share one of you favorite wines and whine about the crazy of the day. It could catch on. Hang in there.

  2. The way I see it is, I've a bit of time - between my birth and my death - that's my movie, my time to do stuff.

    What's happening in some other place and what's being done by people I don't know (except through the news) really isn't part of my movie - unless I chose it to be so.

    Besides, villains have been worming their way through societies since caves were discovered as protection from bad weather. Why waste too much of your life force on those creeps - they will never go away.

    Do I want to enrich myself, push myself to do stuff that's out of the ordinary ... sure, why not. Because once I'm old I cannot go back to youth for a make-over and once I'm dead there's nothing else.

  3. Mel, I feel your pain. We had about 2 weeks without rain, but we had 100 degree temps and humidity that sucked the air right out of your lungs. Now it is raining again. We are expecting 3 inches overnight, on top of the all day rain Saturday! I like the wine and Whine idea.

    Bill, perhaps the difference is, I am old. : )

  4. Your flowers are so gorgeous -- those pinks are divine.

    You MUST keep talking and conversing and even whining. You must. We need your voice, despite its pitch -- we are all in this shit together and you're as necessary as the rest --

    I have missed you. I hope you're all right. I find myself not reading nearly as much politics as usual and the stuff about the economy makes me so depressed I can't see straight. I've never been one to fold up into a shell, but I'm starting to do so. Self-preservation, I think, and perhaps making armor for what is to come. I must go back and read Voltaire's Candide, plant my little garden, etc.

    Be well.

  5. I miss your pithy take on the world around you but the flowers are gorgeous & I'd ditch the politics in favour of them any day. This is why I like cats. In the midst of all insanity they find the most comfortable chair, a patch of sunlight & they close their eyes to the rest. Smart animals, cats. ♥

  6. I think sometimes we need to look away from all the chaos of the world and to just look down at the wonders that are right in front of us.

    To take some time and focus on the life of your farm lets you see such beauty and gives you, maybe, a little hope. A bit of hope to look up and share with us the glories of what you've seen.

    Take it slow, but keep coming back when you are ready.

  7. Both my laptops are now officially on death row, sending anything from the iPad is a royal pain but I wanted to use it to let you know that I miss you, and as soon as the new one arrives you are going to get a long email from me to keep you abreast of what is happening.

    Here the rains have been unrelenting and everything is drowning, verdant as hope and just as filled with promise but so far...no tomatoes.

    Sending you hugs, missing your voice and hoping to see you soon.


  8. Hello Sandra! As I suspected, you are still with us in the land of the beautiful farm. I see you adore pink roses as I do...loved the shot of the wild rose, or is it an almost wild? Your photos brought me joy today too. I try to remember that blogging is a gift to myself and to others but it needn't be forced...when you are ready, we'll be here.
    Blessings friend.

  9. Elizabeth, I think of you often as I listen to our state legislatures justifying their rotten ways. I can't imagine what is is like to be the CEO of Sophie in a country that only values profit. I'm thoroughly disgusted.

    Ganeida, I have ditched politics as much as I can, but unfortunately none of this is in the abstract. Real people are being tossed under the bus as greed rules our country. I keep looking for the uprising that should be occurring, but we are a complacent people under all the bravado. My cat Margaret has decided I am her best friend. Go figure!

    Marion, I don't know how a life can become so out of control! Part of my absence is my unsuccessful attempt to get some order in place. I seem to be ineffective. I have to stop using my odd life as an excuse and actually focus on one thing at a time, which I do not do well. I am enjoying the lovely perfumed air which flows through my disaster know as my house.

    Allegra, I look forward to the email. I have the opportunity in the next two days to try to put my nose to the grindstone and accomplish something. After that, I am going to toss my concerns to the air and try to have some time to visit everyone and catch up.

    Deb, I love pink roses. The color seems to suit a rose. : ) I no longer remember the name of the large white rose bush. It is an antique and that is all I remember. It's been there about 17 years. I am betting Allegra can identify it, if not by name, by class. I'm not that skilled, but she is.

    It is dreary, we had a lot more rain overnight, so we are floating. Ah, well....

  10. Your yard looks beautiful, not neglected. The roses are awesome. Am particularly fond of the orange one...it is breath taking. Do you know what it is called? I did a cross stitch many years ago for my grandmother, she had a beautiful patch of roses that she tended to lovingly...the only yard work she did. Wasn't, I think from her perspective ladylike. lol She'd faint if she'd see me playing in the dirt. But the cross stitch is now in my hall, it came back to me after she passed. It reads, "God gave us our memories, so that we might have roses in Decemeber." Thought maybe you'd enjoy that quote.

    Sorry to hear you're down, wondered why I hadn't heard from you in so long. Was actually doing blog visits today from top 10 commentors. You're on that list.

    I share you surprise and disgust that people Bachman get coverage, and support. I hope people begin to wake up around this country.

    Do come for a visit, the welcome mats always out, perhaps you'll feel better after a visit. Bring yourself a glass, I serve wine daily!

  11. I'm just checking in here on your beautiful blog, hoping that you're well in your corner of the world.

  12. Thank you for checking Elizabeth. I am OK, just so much to do and not the energy I once had to do it. The weather has been awful.

    I have been attempting to reclaim my life, the life that got lost amongst mountains of work for so many years. The reclamation process is in itself more work than I am thinking it is worth! I am clinging to the belief that if I preserver I will find order, time and therefore some peace. And the time and energy to pick up my self and return to this happy place in my life, blogging, which I have needed to abandon. I am ever hopeful. : )


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