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Sunday, May 15, 2011

More, Forget the Please

Look at this closely. This is what insatiable greed looks like. Well-groomed, dressed in Seville Row suits and silk ties. They look human. But, if like me, you think limitless, unconscionable greed acting without regard for humankind defines evil, then these are also the faces of evil. This is how evil presents itself.  As an agreeable continence, but underneath is a psychosis which manifests itself in the form of an unquenchable need for more. 

    BP America Chairman Robert Malone, Shell Oil President John Hofmeister, Chevron Vice Chairman Peter Robertson; ConocoPhillips Executive Vice President John Lowe, and ExxonMobile Senior Vice President J. Stephen Simon are sworn in on Capitol Hill Wednesday prior to testifying before a Senate hearing on oil prices.


  1. Yes ... and oh so tightly connected to and subsidized by the American government and its many tenticles (I want to write testicles, but am restraining myself ... well, sort of ...).

  2. I also see men more powerful than congress. They've paid and they've reaped the benefits of oil lobbyists ... Then combine that with compliance of average Americans (who's focused on gars, planes and oil-based technologies) and you have the junkie mess we are currently experiencing.

    Maybe calling them Drug Lords is appropriate.

  3. Sociopaths with money. All of them, without any exception.

    From the FCC's Meredith Attwell Baker inexcusable excuse to mock the ethics that should but seldom do govern anyone in a position to protect the public interest - yes, in your face and so what? I will get paid big money now. Ethics? Schmethics, as long as I'm rich - to these unfeeling, unconscious as in complete absence of conscience.
    I wonder why they sent Madoff to jail and the whole lot of these thieves are free? Maybe because Madoff no longer had the money and these guys know where the money is buried in Washington and so that is their power as well?

    Disgusting, believe it or not I do feel I need to take a shower after seeing and hearing the voice of mendacity pretending to be reason.

  4. What is it about a group of white men in suits with their hands raised to take an oath that makes one shiver? I'm reminded of the execs at RJR Nabisco swearing that they didn't know of the addictive qualities of tobacco. I'm reminded, too, of the legions of bishops and cardinals of the Catholic church who "didn't know" about the abuses going on, who took themselves so seriously that they were blinded.

    Bill's comment that these men are far more powerful than our congressmen is so telling. So enervating.

  5. I heard these men being interviewed as I drove home on Friday night. I felt outraged... How much is enough? How much is enough!? What pushed me over the edge was how they take pride in talking about how they support Americans.

    Tax breaks? Really?

    The post is great, and the comments are really satisfying. Yes, Elizabeth, there IS something about white rich men taking an oath of honesty that outrages me.

    Thanks for this!

  6. Canadian Oil companies are scheduled to go in front of Parliament and explain to our Industry Minister the extraordinarily high prices in Canada. Should be very interesting!

  7. Well said, I agree with you.
    a pleasure to spend for your home.
    you have a happy weekend.
    a hug.

  8. Thank you everyone for the intelligent comments. I enjoy reading what you all have to say.

    I have been away from the computer again.

  9. nothing profound from me on this..

    but I was thinking of you this past week, was at a soccer tournament held at the Brandywine Polo Club fields outside of Philly, PA... and of course horses means I think of you now, silly as that is.

    I have been crazy busy , parenting has it's seasons of intense.

    all good. well. you know.

    love to you.

    stay healthy and safe and wrapped in the beauty of your life. the heaven here on earth in spite of.

  10. Hoping a ray of Spring or Summer has come your way and you are coming up to play. Missing your "touch" amid the madness. Missing your incisive vision that makes me feel I am not the only one who can see through the madness (as in the man behind the curtain for instance). Be well, this too shall pass. Please write when the spirit moves you and come visit to enjoy some of the roses that are in bloom today.


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