Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rain, Rain.....Go Away

OK, after summarily offending and or making people uncomfortable yesterday, I will return to my weather whine.

I took this photo this morning, from the veranda because......you guessed it, it's RAINING! Still. I had a day where I was able to pull some weeds, but I have not been out to pick up the mess, because it won't stop raining.
This is the same flower bed at this time last year, from the opposite direction. *sigh*
And just because I feel their pain, Sophie and Iris trying to eat their hay in peace. Mud, rain, what is a horse to do?
Until it dries up and we see the sun once again, I am probably not much good for anything but a long, wailing whine. Or opinions. Of which I have many and am always eager to share. Maybe I should find something to do. Or not. See you when the sun shines.


  1. I'm hoping it dries up,soon! I count on your beautiful flowers to bring color my desert days.

  2. The sun has shown up. It will take some time to dry this mess.


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