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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Photo by Sam Abell

Hello blog. I see you are still here, an image, an idea, caught in the eternal grasp of cyberspace. I thought I would drop in for a look-see, wondering if there is dust on the furniture and cobwebs in the corners. I almost believe someone has been stopping by to dust, keeping things clean while I linger elsewhere.

I feel a nostalgia for the time spent here, earnestly composing thoughts, feelings and random nothings. Enjoying the release and relief you gave me when I needed it. Wandering the pages of my fellow scribblers was a welcome diversion from the life.

I lost it somehow. Poof.........gone! It started slowly, the attraction fading, the words drying and falling from my brain, parched and dusty; sawdust of the mind. One day, we simply parted, whispering we would get together again sometime soon, knowing the truth beneath the promise was, no.

I found a new place, an easy diversion: Facebook. Please, dear blog, do not judge me harshly. Once  words poured through my fingertips and traveling the sphere of ideas and intellect through the click of a mouse was a pleasing adventure. After a time it became an impossible journey. When your mind becomes as dry as the Gobi the only thing to do is status updates.

I'm glad I stopped in for a visit. Perhaps we can do it again sometime, sometime when drought will cease and thought sprouts like the dandelions in my lawn. Catch you later, gator.


  1. Awww, thank you. It is good to be missed. I miss this, as well. I simply don't seem able to do it. Maybe I will try, perhaps in the doing I will improve. My brain is like tapioca, which sadly works well for FB! I find myself searching for the 'like' button.

  2. Blogging has morphed over the years, and the changes aren't necessarily for the better. It seems commenting isn't as popular as it was in the past. I think FB and twitter are so simple and quick they've become the anti-blogs. Perhaps "life" has more demands on people's free time and blogging requires a certain amount of leisure time, both for bloggers and readers.

    Theres a certain irony here, zillions of blogs yet it's difficult to find other bloggers one can connect with and share similar ideas and stuff.

    I've blogged since 2007 and I've killed and restarted my blog several times, mostly in frustration because of a lack of connectivity.

  3. True, Bill. Social media has changed things in the past couple of years. When I first started I had friends who read and commented on my blog, but after a while they stopped. I won't kill the blog, I'll just let it get dusty and then show up once in a while. I don't expect connectivity when I am so disjointed.

    I also don't have the time I had for the first couple of years I was blogging actively. I was more disconnected from my in person life and now I am once again engaged in it. I also have some lingering issues from a head injury which makes it more difficult. I don't have much of interest to say.

  4. I miss you here, and I'm glad you checked in. I've had little to say as well. Lots of thoughts but no words. I read more than I write and I think more than I comment. Hoping it's a phase, and grateful for those who keep writing so I can keep feeling the connection.
    Hope all is well and that you pop in when the mood strikes you.

  5. I'm happy to hear it isn't just me. I not only don't write, I also don't read. I always want to comment and when I found I can't, I stopped reading. I seriously don't know if it is residual from the head injury or if it is a block from something else. All I know is something isn't working.

    My life has also been narrowed in the past couple of years and that likely has something to do with it. Living a life without much social stimulation does have an effect on a person.

  6. I was looking for the like button.....:-). I am glad to see that you check in from time to time.

  7. I am always looking for the like button! I think that is not good. But I'm not sure. I have had a few ideas lately, but they flew from my mind before I was able to capture them.

    Mostly, I am tired of falling off the cliff. Fear manipulation has worn me out!

  8. it's funny, the beauty of the blog is that they do stay here, waiting for us. tho' husband thinks the internet will start writing on his. i think when it does, we should worry.

    and in the meantime, there's always facebook.

  9. If husband is right, I hope the internet is more clever than I am!

  10. I miss you. I read all that you write for years , never comment...thats the only blog i folow . Where on FB?


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