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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Storms, Snores & Sundry

Time flies, whether you are having fun or not. I am surprised to see it has been six months since I last looked in here. I don't know what I've been doing but I must be occupied with something.

We got through winter by the second week of May, we stepped right into summer and have now arrived at monsoon season. All in three weeks time, gotta love Minnesota. Otherwise, it's insanity.

Howard is still Howard. My little stub muffin. Grace is her elusive self, a little stiff in the hips, but still camera shy.
Different scenery, same action; Howard is a sleeping machine. I bought a treadmill last fall, so Howie isn't the only machine in the room. I actually use the thing, imagine that!
This handsome fellow showed up at my barn in the late winter. It seems he was someone's pet which became a grown tom. I suppose the cost of neutering was too great so he was turned loose in the country. Lucky for him he moved into my hayloft because he is too friendly to make it outside. I got him neutered and gave him to my mother. As you can see, he is living large in St. Paul.
He is now Murph, Kate's yellow kitty, living the safe and happy life, enjoying sardines and beef liver. He hardly misses mouse in his diet at all.
Mother's German Shepherd died suddenly in December. She was distraught and alone, until I found sweet Emma for her. Emma is a German Shepherd/Corgi mix and really the nicest dog imaginable. She and Murphy took to one another immediately and are fast friends. My mother still misses the other dog and I am sorry for her grief, but now people can visit her.
We are going to have another storm this evening, the entire state is under tornado warning, the horses have been stuck in the barn for a couple of days with a few more likely. From statewide drought to statewide saturation, I'm not going to complain, not yet.

I guess this is all the news fit to print. Time to batten the hatches, weather the storm and hope I don't end up in Oz. 


  1. I dunno. You might like it here. ;)

    Lovely to see you post. I have missed your witty & barbed commentary on life.

  2. So nice to see a post from you, and pictures of the faithful and grateful pets. Hasn't this been the strangest year? Eight weeks ago record late season snows, monsoons and floods and suddenly summer. I can't keep up.

    Glad you stopped by to catch us up. I've missed your voice too, and your food photos! Hope the tornadoes and storms pass you by.

  3. So good to hear from you, Sandra! Good to hear all the critters are well!GladMurph and emma found a soft landing with your Mom. I am so sorry for her loss. Emma's got some big paws to fill. I demand better pictures of her! That was such a tease!!!

  4. Sounds like you have had some crazy weather. Nice to see a post tonight.

  5. Well, still here in MN! If I landed on your land, Ganeida, it would be a fine thing to land in Oz. :)

    Hasn't it been a roller coaster ride, Mel? We are absolutely saturated. The storm did pass us, but more is on the way.

    Cyndi, Murph is a big ole love, he never would have survived as a barn cat. Emma was in the rescue system and is such a nice dog she would have had a soft landing wherever she went. I will get a better photo of her, she is very cute!

    Lori, it has been nuts. We were having measurable snow through the first week of May and a week and a half later it reached 100 degrees!


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