Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Monday, May 20, 2013


I am doing practice runs to see if I will be able to manage the focus needed to maintain a blog once again. I've made numerous attempts in the past, without succeeding, so I really cannot say.

We are saturated. The rain is welcome, but all at once? I must shush myself, we have had a couple of years of drought; rain is good.

I am off to buy my plantings, with high hopes for this growing season, short as it is. Goodday to all.


  1. I try and try to write blog posts and they just don't seem to cut it. No pressure from me. But I love seeking your critters, food, flowers and I enjoy your way of saying what's on your mind.

    Looking forward to the next post and wish you luck where I have failed.

  2. It doesn't come for me either. I don't even have enough for FB, so you know I am in trouble!

  3. We are sogged too, and I'm consumed with reading reports of tornado devastation in Oklahoma. I am becoming neurotic about the weather, and I'm expecting instability to become the new norm.

    I struggle with when/what and to whom I'm writing when I blog too. I've never really gotten a good handle on what this is, except maybe a conversation with myself, and if I'm lucky, a few kindred spirits.

    Hope your garden grows well this year.

  4. I have lost my mojo. It is not neurotic to expect instability to become the norm. It is logical.


I really appreciate the concept and sentiment behind awards, but I cannot participate in them anymore. I have too may and I have not got the time to devote to participating properly. To all who have honored me, I am grateful but I don't have seven more things to tell anyone about myself! And I'm a terrible passer-oner.