Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lemonade Out of Lemons.....

Simply making the best of a bad situation. The freeze/thaw cycle was too much for this cement pot, so it crumbled into a useless heap. Not to be deterred, voila!; I made it pretty and useful once more.


  1. I've got a few cracked pots around here myself. and a few crackpots, now that I think about it. maybe I won't be so hasty in throwing them away.

  2. I'm the crackpot around here, I'm sorry to say! I have a matching pot on the other side that isn't broken, so this was my best attempt at retaining some semblance of symmetry.

  3. I am not giving up on you even if you ignore my emails. I don't want to worry about you, I have plenty to worry about without having to worry about my friends. I sent you an invitation to the cooking blog and I have no idea whether or not you have gotten it. The Moon was getting too hard, too many memories, too many things I am not ready to deal with. So I go there with gardening and this and that and the other, but I am mostly concentrating on a distraction and cooking has always been the answer to me.

    Where are you? I do miss our back and forth and I hope you are fine and that your Mother is doing better. I find out what we both have and I will be happy to share that with you, it may help her since enough time has passed. With me...I am cooking, that's all. I think of you often and wish we were closer to share more than just emails. A good meal and a glass of wine would be great. What do you think?



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