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Friday, August 13, 2010

More Of The Same

This is what happens when I cannot drag up enough energy to go to the garden for a couple of days. 
Zucchini grows into mutant squash. There were two smallish zucchini in the patch, so they will be had for dinner. The rest are destined to be frozen for winter use. Somehow I am not so particular in the middle of the frozen days of a Minnesota winter.

Tomorrow is supposed to be the day the humidity takes a hike. I will believe it when I feel it. We had the mother of storms last night. I am surprised I awoke to the place intact. I was sure I would find us dropped in someone's cornfield.

I have lost the blogging feeling. My brain is fried like an egg. My humor is absent. I am a crabby thing indeed. My horses are worn out from heat and unbelievable flies. It is a horror movie in my pastures. I now understand the madness of the characters in a Tennessee Williams play. Much more of this and I would probably end up on Fox 'News'.

So I leave you with a hint of what being around me is like this past 45 days. Grumble, Grumble.


  1. Everyone I know in the horse world is suffering a plague of flies.

    Everyone east of dirtville is suffering from the humidity. If it's true that misery loves company you all be throwing fits of exctasy!

  2. I just ran across this and thought it might be of interest...

    Creative ways to say, “is it Hot Enough For Ya?”

    * Is your butt glistening?

    * Is the humidity index bringing you discomfort?

    * Hmm… I thought Hell would have more celebrities.

    * Beat you to naked!

    * ACK! Clingy underpants! Clingy underpants!

  3. Hang in there! Things will change soon. We just have to pray that it will be for the better! :)

  4. We used to pray for summer. I always preferred winter in many ways, but now I dream about its return.

    The heat, humidity and pesky flies must be very hard for the horses.

    Sounds like you need to get a bit of A/C in your house or maybe you have it and are just weary of the conditions outside.

    I sometimes blogs are just made for grumbling. I won't hear about you on Fox - as I never listen! Take care dear Sandra.

  5. I have been turning my zuch's into pasta with my noodle maker. Love it!

  6. Sandra: I saw my first mosquito the other morning! This does not bode well for our summer after all the winter rain we've had. I admit I really only like the inbetween seasons. Winter & summer have *nothing* to recommend them!

  7. This too shall pass. But I see your grumpy and raise you cranky and creaky as well. I am a bitch on wheels lately, I just don't think I was cut out to mother teenagers in sweltering heat with aches and pains in every joint of my body and nonstop hot flashes. And, the mosquitoes are so bad I bought a net you wear over your hat to protect my face while I walk the dog at night. The dog is going crazy too I think, in this heat wave. Did I mention the ac quit? Repairs will be a few days coming. And so it goes.
    So, I have become the crazy woman in the neighborhood. The hot, sweaty bitchy crazy woman. I have nothing proper to say on my blog lately either. So, I'm hoping we both catch a fresh breeze and better weather soon.
    I would freeze that zucchini too, for winter stews and soups. I've baked all the zucchini bread I can handle for a while, I'm growing wide and dim. Take care, oh and did that tea party candidate lose in your primary? I hope common sense prevailed!

  8. That's o.k.

    Those are beautiful zucchini, even if they are mutant. I used to make these zucchini fritters with a little egg, bread crumbs, corn, flour, etc. and serve them with sour cream and salsa. Truly delicious.

  9. Chocolate zucchini bread! I look forward to seeing the pics! You take such fab pics of your treats! I'll send you my mailing address too! Blessings Sandra.

  10. Time to go out for lunch and plan some fall trail riding.

  11. gsc, the flies enjoy humidity, so they are having a great time. No ecstasy here.
    "* ACK! Clingy underpants! Clingy underpants!" Oh my, do I know this one!

    Missy, I can only hope.

    Bonnie, I have central AC, but have chosen not to use it for the past two years. Although the house gets warm, it is not so bad. It's working outside that has nearly done me in. I have no choice bit to be out there. It's easier on my body to not go in and out of artificially cooled air. I can't believe I am thinking of winter fondly!

    Queen, I have heard of this. I need to try it. I just brought in more mutant zucchini.

    Ganeida, I like the in between as well. I wish we had more than a day or two of it though: )

    Mel, teenagers are trying under good conditions. Combined with hot flashes, you get a real misery. You have my sympathy. You and I can grow wide and dim together.

    The GOP candidate for Gov. did not have a primary competitor, so he is their candidate. I don't know if the Tea Party endorsed him, but he is definitely one of their own. I live in the state that has given Congress Michelle Bachman, so anything is possible. Our current Gov. is a real rightwing piece of work as well. He has aspirations for the presidency.

    Elizabeth, thanks for the idea. I'm going to make this for dinner.

    Deb, I'm going to make a chocolate zucchini cake as soon as it cools down enough to use the oven. I will take pictures and share the recipe.

    Jean, I am all for that plan!

  12. I am cautiously out to visit. Not many blogs, just the very dear ones, yours among them. Zucchini is wonderful grated -and squeezed dry- with grated onions and carrots, mix with eggs and a bit of salt, pepper, flour and buttermilk or sour cream, salt and pepper and cardamon and fry like little dollar size pancakes. A sprinkle of melted butter never hurts and a glass of red wine can cure many ails, including grumpiness or as I suffer from, frumpiness,

    Hang in there sweets, this too shall pass and we will remembered as the summer of our discontent...

  13. Allegra, I am so happy to hear from you! I am encouraged that you feel well enough to do a little blog visiting. Easy does it though. We can come to you.

    I tried Elizabeth's zucchini recipe last night, very good. I will try yours tonight, I think. I have way too much of it. I'll enjoy a glass of wine (or two) as well.

    Be well. Rest.

  14. it's a really bad fly year...here too. we only just were able to ride again - they've been so horrible when we went to ride for several weeks that we had to put the horse away again. especially as there's no good fly spray (and by good i mean effective) in this country. sigh. but things cooled down a little and that has helped.

    on the bright side, you can make an awesome chutney with those big old zucchinis. just google hugh fearnley wittingstall's chutney - it's a winner!

  15. wide and dim

    that 's brilliance

    so even in the "saliva of August" ( read that on the Writer's Almanac, love it) you are fabulous.

    I don't envy the outside work in this. serious ick. I don't miss bra sweat.

    Love zucchini anyway anytime.

  16. I just caught up with many of your posts! First of all, the photographs are beautiful. Zucchini is a challenge isn't it? There is still something very rewarding about growing some of your own food. Last summer we had some that grew to be gigantic when we were not looking. This year we had the best garlic. ever.

    Yes, the humidity has been nasty...we have just had two days of relief. Fortunately, my horses can go inside by a fan if they want to. When it gets bad, they just leave the pasture.

    It's hard to keep blogging sometimes, but I have not missed a day since I started in February of 08.

    I'm with you and your political comments.

    Hope your weather gets better.

  17. julochka, I know it is an annoyance, but in the end you are lucky Denmark doesn't allow the awful chemicals.We are on day three of reasonable weather, but we still have the flies.

    deb, I have often been told by women how much they wish they had my life. They would change their minds the first -30 or +90 day they had to go out and work!

    Lori, your horses are blessed. Mine have to stay on pasture until I bring them in. There are 24 of them. At least it is cooler for them.

    It is amazing that you have the energy to write your blog everyday, especially considering all of the photos!


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