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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Not Lost, Waylaid

Hello. My name is Sandra and I am a whiner.
The very large sunflower which seeded itself in my garden likes the weather. The tomatoes and zucchini like the weather. I do not.

We have been enduring a summer of high temperatures and tropical humidity. I am sure that this is directed at me personally. This makes me very hateful and absolutely no fun at all. And joy of joys; a whole week ahead above 90 F. And that thick, wet air. Torture by weather.

I am sorry that I cannot come out to play. I'm whining and crabby and I need to go to my room and stay there until I have a change of attitude. 


  1. You've been on my mind.
    Watching the weather in the northeast, I knew you were "suffering" Make that humidity go away before I leave here!

    Does the sun flower look frazzled due to the weather or is it a frilly type? It's gorgeous!

    We've been missing Alf, something fierce! First time, ever, I couldn't keep a dog that I love and it hit my harder than I would have guessed.

    The pictures made my day, too. Seeing him look so happy and spoiled really helped!

  2. I feel your pain... if I really HAVE to go out, it's early in the morning or later in the evening. It must be a life emergency for me to go out during the day:) Can't wait for fall!

  3. I will whine too. The mosquitos are the worst I can ever remember. The only way to be outside and not in misery is to be running or riding a bike. Makes it hard to work in the yard. My garden is growing mushrooms and my squash have blossom end rot. My yard is a giant mosquito factory, my dog needs exercise and won't go outside alone. And my air conditioner is on it's last leg. I wish I had appreciated June and July a little more.
    Whine to me anytime. I won't mind.

  4. gsc, is the departure date soon? The flower is curly and fine. I'm the one who is frazzled! I knew you would be heartbroken when Alf left, but if it had to be, he may as well live in the lap of luxury. What a lucky boy.

    Sandra, I wish I could stay inside. I have to be out in this miserable humidity. It makes for a very cranky me. I am with you on the fall thing.

  5. Mel, we have a fly crop like none I have ever seen. The horses are covered in them and can't wait to get inside in the afternoon. It's horrible. I have given up on weeds. They reign supreme and I don't care. This awful stuff set in at the beginning of July up here. I am done in.

  6. Ha! Time Warp! That' exactly what my mom would say to me, "Go to your room and don't come out until you have a better attitude!" I'd forgotten all about that. Florida had a heat wave while we were there. 105 degrees! I actually experienced sun stroke one afternoon. Me, the person from the desert south-west! I spent the day resting and was fine the next day. But didn't feel like joining the fun one of my few days there. Live and learn. You're smart to stay out of the sun!

  7. Sandra:I wondered what was going on, you were so silent. I will whine to you in December/Janurary when our humidity really kicks it. I hate constantly feeling like a damp sponge!

  8. I am whining also! Hope you feel better soon!

  9. I was recently thinking about the similarities between this hot, humid summer and winter. For me, as of late, schedules and actions are dictated by the temperature. Sound familiar?

  10. Elizabeth, I can use the company.

    Deb, I wish I could stay inside. Not being able to adds to my crankiness. Your trip looked wonderful

    Ganeida, I can't imagine your summer. This is not normal for us and I don't like it one bit.

    Missy, I think I will feel better after the first frost.

    Jean, all too familiar.I don't know how you managed at the horse show yesterday. I whimpered and whine the whole day.

  11. Why does Mother Nature do this to us? We have had nothing but high humidity and 95+ degrees since June 1st, frankly I am tired of it too! I will bring the cheese and you can supply the whine!


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