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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pesto, Primary & A Golem

I dragged my damp, weary self out to the garden today and saw the basil was flowering. Time for a hair cut and some big time pesto making. At least I don't need to turn on the stove.

We have our primary today, so we voted early afternoon. We have a Tea Party guy running for governor, endorsed by the GOP, so the primary is mostly on the DFL side. I cannot even begin to allow myself to believe the guy on the very far right will win the governorship of this state. It is so scary, it cannot be considered.

So for now I will consider a lot of basil and what to do with it.

Three more days in the steam room for us. If you don't hear from me, I melted.


  1. We are expecting a heat index of 106 tomorrow...
    The green stuff looks beautiful. Can you tell we are lacking green in our diet? LOL

  2. We vote soon too. Our politics are disasterous. Both parties are obnoxious. I'm not sure which one is worse: the idot who didn't know N.Z was in recession or the egomanic who stabbed the party leader in the back, ousted him from the leadership, took over & promptly called an election. Can't say anyone seems to be using their brains.

  3. I adore pesto. Are you going to do a pesto post? I like to freeze it in an ice cube tray and then use it in my soup. That way I don't have to share with those who don't really appreciate it!

  4. Yes. Let's think about pesto or we'll all go mad. Last summer I became obsessed with making a spinach/walnut pesto. But I'm up for basil pesto any day and would say that I wished I lived closer, but those temperatures make me glad that I don't!

    Stay cool -- in every way!

  5. Hard times for those with ethics, ideals and a conscience. Sometimes all we can do is turn to mother earth to hold us until the world comes to its senses.

    How was the pesto?

  6. gsc, it is and it is plentiful. Italian & sweet basil by the grocery bag full!

    Missy, it's been too hot.

    Ganeida, well now, you have some interesting politics!

    Deb, I freeze it as well. I make too much to use at once. I froze what I made yesterday. I need a new food processor before I finish.

    Elizabeth, I make spinach pesto over the winter. Spinach is less costly than basil to buy. My DFL choice for Gov won! Now we need to defeat the radical person.

    Bonnie, I just cannot understand what is happening here. So I make pesto. And vote in the primary.

  7. Getting ready to make pesto myself. We also freeze some for winter use.

  8. I just gave my sweet basil a haircut too! Good to see you didn't melt as of yet!


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