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Thursday, March 17, 2011

On The Domain Train, Or Help!

My new look.
After spending the past several hours trying to point my domain name to a new server and making a total mess of that, which finally led me to where I should have been in the first place: on the phone with tech support. Let me say this, GoDaddy has very good support. He was so patient with me I think he deserves a commendation.

This journey began about three weeks ago when, while suffering the effects of a concussion, I unwisely decided to edit my neglected business website. I actually crashed my website. After spending time trying to bring it back, I decided to dump it. I spent a lot of money a decade ago having it built, so I was reluctant, but enough was enough. Also, I could not change it beyond photos and text and it was looking a little tired.

The templates for building your own site are so different now from then. I was able to put together a nice looking website without frustration. The frustration comes trying to publish it. I have to use the site I built it on, so I cancelled the former server, HostRocket, and I needed to go to the site holding my domain to point to the new server. Are you frustrated yet? Designing the website is easy, but why a web designer is a good thing is, they do all of this other stuff for you. In 28 - 48 hours I will find out if this worked.

I am better. My headaches are mostly gone and I am not walking through a fog. 


  1. UM, you sure you're all right? ;P That just doesn't sound sane to me, especially for someone fresh from a concussion! lol Hope it works as intended but I cannot help. I have crashed 2 blogs ~ which says volumes about my computer skills! Glad to have you back. ♥

  2. The internet is such a blessing and so many other things, all at one! My days of even attempting to write code are gone for good (I hope!)

    I'm glad your feeling better. Just in time to enjoy spring! Oh wait! You still have two more months! Soooooooo sorry!

  3. So glad to hear you are recovering! This sounds like a very ambitious project! Yea for you in tackling it. I'm impressed.
    Blessings on that head of yours!

  4. I'm glad that you're feeling better but hope you'll allow yourself a bit more rest, particularly from frustrating computer operations!

  5. Ganeida, I'm not sure of anything! I guess it worked, but I can't see it, the old site is still visible to me. The person on the phone told me it's there but my provider has not cleared their cache yet. Whatever.

    gsc, It's a different experience to create a bog from a template than it was a decade ago. I tried it then and gave it up and paid for it. This was easy.

    Hi Deb, I wish I was impressive. : )

    Elizabeth, I was beginning to wonder about the merit of my actions after nothing was going right. It was a blessing to have such a nice person helping me. Both companies have great support help. I felt bad leaving HostRocket after all these years.

  6. Sandra...you have really been through the wringer. Just caught up with your posts. Gosh Woman! I know what it feels like to keep plugging (chores etc.) when you feel like crap. No rest for the wicked. Can't believe you have done what you've done. By the by...I'd like to have one of your meals any day of the week. I'm right there with you politically too. Hope you are back to 100% very soon.
    PS...Creating a blog seems easy compared to a website.

  7. Glad to hear you are better! A concussion can be so serious as you well know, I am sure. Love the website - so beautiful. We have a nasty cold spell here in PA and are 20 dg. below normal. The horses had their blankets off but I popped them back on!

  8. I am tired of winter. Not much to look forward to for a while. Mud season is just around the corner!

    I'm surprised I was able to figure the website thing out.


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