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Monday, March 14, 2011

Over and Over Again My Friend

This song has been running over and over again in my head. From Madison, to Michigan, to Indian and Ohio. Culminating in Japan. Oh my god, Japan. I cannot get it out of my head.


  1. Sigh...I cannot think clearly, I am in a fog. There is a part of me that rages at the thought that some political morons are defending today their intent to cut foreign aid in the wake of a disaster that would make stones cry.

    And my heart breaks at the thought of the loss of life, innocent and otherwise, but according to those who feel that aid is unnecessary and costly, who cares? we should, we must if we have a speck of decency left in us after all the incomprehensible things we are witnessing. May whatever deity each one of us may believe in take pity and have mercy on those victims that who knows how they will survive this tragedy.

  2. It seems like a bad dream! There should be no thought of cost. Give them whatever they need and quickly!

  3. I spent the afternoon listening to nuclear scientists on the radio. I learned some disturbing information. This particular design, which we have over 30 in the US, has the waste on the roof of the building. This waste is very hot and is cooled by water like the reactor. There is nothing but a cover, like a pool cover, over it. There is no water circulating through the waste, which means it is heating and will likely ignite. There are a lot of dead people walking in the area. The people still in these plants know their fate. I have been beside myself, and then I hear the energy secretary say today that building new nuclear plants is still on the table. My state has had a ban on building any new plants and our newly elected Republican legislature has presented a bill to lift the ban and they put out a statement that they will continue to push it through. I think when the atom was split, our fate was sealed. Mankind has too much arrogance.

  4. it's a little scary that the situation is the same as it was in that song, tho' i'll admit i was distracted from the words of the song by the black-clad people in the background and the actions they were doing to the song.

    i guess this whole thing is making wind energy look better and better! still hoping for a silver lining.

  5. julochka, you are too young to remember Hulabaloo! The lyrics are watt too familiar today. Seems little can change. Obabma is still all gung-ho over nuclear energy, so be happy you live somewhere that is moving forward instead of backward.


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