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Friday, March 4, 2011

Short Note

I wake up with a profound sadness every morning. I wraps me, actually swaddles me. It takes about thirty minutes for the feeling to subside, but it is there to greet me in the morning.

I have a constant headache, some dizziness and fatigue. So this is what you get when you bruise the brain.

It's best for me to limit my computer time, as my seriously messed up website proves. I thought I would do some changes and I sure did. I have disabled it. My brain won't allow me to put any effort into fixing it right now. My instinct is to let it go. But my instincts are not to be trusted, so I'll leave it alone.

The consensus seems to be that this could be a long haul. I sincerely hope not. I'm getting too old to spend so much time doing nothing.

This is all the news fit to print. Perhaps I'll be back with some better news soon.


  1. Oh my! I hope that you are feeling much better soon. I am so sorry that this has happened to you! Rest and feel better. Don't worry about the small things. Your health is the most important "thing".

  2. I wish I lived closer.
    I want to come by and help.


    Be gentle with yourself. Time time Time.

    love to you.

  3. Hmmm - left a comment and page came up 'service unavailable'. Hope this one works. Anyway, so sorry you are experiencing this Sandra. Give your body/mind/brain what it needs - time and rest. This kind of recuperation becomes a powerful exercise in letting go of non-essentials, doesn't it?
    Take care ...

  4. You need to take care of yourself, the rest of the world is not going anywhere. Rest, put ice on the temples and the front lobes. I once had a bump that for a while was suspected to be a subdural hematoma, it was that bad.

    Only resting and slowing the flow of blood with the ice I guess finally made my stone head release me from that prison.

    Please don't do anything dumb like getting up to take care of the horses. I know, I know. But just think what another head "greeting" from one of them could do...

    Soup. That is what you need, a good cup of soup and some girlfriend's company. Come to think of it, I could use some of it as well. Barry is doing alright, the staples came out yesterday and the next appt. is the 8th. Maybe I can catch up with life till then...sigh.

    Hugs and love to you and thank you for the note. I didn't get to read it until yesterday.

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  6. First, your page looks fine to me. Second, what deb said. And Jill and Bonnie. That you recognize the depression is a good thing, and that you have a cause is another, although I'm so sorry about your fall and your bruised brain. My sister took a bad fall off a horse and was sent home from hospital number one, and rushed to hospital number two that night when she began to bleed from her ears. She was in ICU for 3 days and healing was slow. She is fine now, except for some memory problems, but I have the same ones and no head injury to blame.
    I hope healing comes quickly to you, and I hope you have help with the horses so you don't have an added source of stress. Patience is not my virtue, but I wish it for you, and healing and rest. Take care.

  7. Be good to yourself and ask for help when you need it. That's sometimes the hardest thing to do, yet it's the most important.


  8. Oh Sandra! I feel for you. Morning has never been an easy time for me... and I don't have the injury you've suffered. Just last night I came across a fun resource about morning rituals. When you've up to reading again, you might find something there. Meanwhile, sending you light and love and prayers for returning health.

  9. Oh, my friend. There is nothing I can say & nothing I can do. ♥CyberHugs♥ & prayers your way: for strength, for healing, for a quick ecovery.

  10. Really sorry to hear you are still suffering Sandra. I will send some positive thoughts your way. Hope to hear you are feeling right as rain again soon!

  11. Wondering how are you doing. I didn't say "worrying" I said wondering and I hope things are better at whatever pace it may take to get to "very well, thank you".

    Take care of yourself, I miss our chats and I hope things are getting greener there and the miserable weather is gone for good. Hugs and good thoughts for healthier and sunny days.

  12. Thinking of you...

    my daughter that suffered a concussion from soccer a few weeks ago is still not completely better. She tried to practice yesterday and ended up with a headache and dizziness.

    time... time...

    love you



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