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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Down, But Not Out

I should be forthcoming and say what happened to me last Friday. I had a slip and fall on the ice, which caused me to fall from standing, to the ground at full force. I hit my head so hard I am actually surprised I am alive.
It took a couple of days for symptoms to show, but I am now dealing with post-concussion syndrome. To add to it, one of my horses conked me with her bony head in the exact spot on Tuesday. So twice hit.

I have not spent much time online because I am not sure if I am always making sense and I also have myself a doozie of a headache, along with light sensitivity.

There is nothing to do except allow time to heal my brain. I cannot completely stop working because I have living beings which need care.  Mark is in his busy season, so he can only do so much for me. How the choices we make in life can affect us in ways we never consider.

Anyway, I am not doing much blog visits or always responding when someone makes a comment. Hopefully this will resolve itself quickly. I would be unhappy to have chronic headache.

I have packed more problems into the past three years then I experienced in all the rest of my life. I think I need to take better care.


  1. Argh! I am so sorry! Falling is and always has been a personal and unreasonable fear of mine. When I was younger, I would do things just to prove to myself I wouldn't die if I fell. Now, not so much.

    I hope you're up to snuff, in no time!

  2. Oh my, that sounds awful Sandra! Do take care of yourself and get lots of rest - somehow. Could you work out a way to hire a young helper for the heavy work with the horses?

    When I fell last October it was in an effort to protect my head from crashing on a rock that I stuck out my arm and broke two bones in it. It was probably the better option and it is so instinctive to protect our heads. That fall of yours must have been SO fast that you didn't have time to protect your head.

    All your recent posts have made perfect sense btw. I was wondering why you were not posting more about what is going on in Madison.

    Thinking of you.

  3. How awful. Sorry about your recent bad luck, and I'm glad you're recovering. Hope you heal quickly. Take care of yourself. I'm learning to be very, very careful where ice and gravity are concerned. The older I get the harder I fall and the slower I recover. I'll be wishing you well.

  4. We must be twins in some other dimension. Monday I was covering some potted roses with frost blankets and the iron tuteur twice my side and height took a swing and hit me right on the front lobe and nearly made me throw up I was so nauseated, later on to make an even bruise I was trying to take off my wellies in the kitchen, lost balance and grazed the granite with the right side.

    It is a good thing that I have as the Spaniards say "cabeza dura" unfortunately I know they refer to the inside as in stubborn and not to the outside. Rest and don't bend over too fast. Trust me with this. Feel better, I will try too.

  5. Ouch! I'm so sorry for your injuries. I hate it when I hit my head, or get hit!

    Dr. Deb recommends extra TLC Sandra.

    Do only what you must then:
    A bubble bath, some tea and (yes) SOUP, and rest.

    Can your acupuncturist fit you in? Does he/she make house calls? Sounds like a good balancing might be in order too!

    Blessings friend. I'm sending light and love your way for a restful and speedy recovery.

  6. I hope you get plenty of rest and take care of yourself! I am always super careful on the ice and still have falls. Probably because I am too careful. Amazing how boney a horses head is too. Take care.

  7. Oh, ouch and ouch and ouch. This sounds really painful. I hope that you can get some rest - that feels really important to healing.

    Be well!

  8. Wisco, Green Bay, football, Super Bowl, Super Bowl parties and celebrations and concussions ... It all makes sense, if you get my drift.

    Not to mention it (still, I must) ... Wisconsinites are world class when it comes to consumption of brandy.

    Keep counting your fingers and when you get to a recognizable number, you're improving.

  9. Age is unkind. Falling seems to be something one does more of as one ages & for some strange reason one falls harder. Ouchie. BUt you will live somewhere that produces ice like an ice machine. lol Hope all is well soon. The beasties need you.

  10. Do allow time to heal Sandra. My son managed to get several concussions in his younger days especially working as a night club manager. He had to deal with 2 years of post concussion syndrome from getting two concussions in a row too close together.The DR. said he didn't have time to heal from one to the next. Don't take any chances. Take it very easy! Get well.

  11. gsc, a neighbor died from a slip & fall on the ice 3 yrs. ago. I was very upset after I fell, I was sure it was the end.

    Bonnie, there is no such thing as a young worker wanting to do this work where I live. The fall was so fast that all I could do is fall. I have been taking it easy, but the work is piling up.

    Mel, I have had more troubles in three years, I think I am not being mindful.

    Allegra, you do need to be careful. You have fragile health, you don't need a concussion on top of it. Let Matthew do this stuff for you.

    Deb, I can't drive, so no acupuncture for me. No house calls. I'll go when I am better.

    Jill, those heads are solid bone and when the decide to swing it, it can give quite a conk! Maybe I need minis!

    Marion, Mark has been doing the rudimentariness for me. Tomorrow I have to work, as it is a real mess.

    Lori, OUCH is right!

    Bill, I wish I had a party and then fell, it would at least been from having fun. Instead I stepped outside to tell Kristina it was too icy to walk Zing to the arena. Zing stayed safe and I fell backwards. Figures. I can almost count my fingers, almost!

    Ganeida, age is unkind and I do live in an ice machine. : )

    Lorac, I'm sorry for your son and I hope that will not be me. It sounds like a tough job. I think I'll stick with horses. I am not handling them for a while, as I don't need another head bonk.

  12. I will say a prayer for you! Get better soon!

  13. Oh, my gosh. That so concerns me and I hope you take it easy and allow your precious brain to heal. I will miss you but I'm here, waiting patiently, too, for your return...

  14. Hope you are feeling better. Maybe this could help:


  15. Sandra!!

    How did I miss this?? My brain has been in a fog. Emotional, viral, and familial.

    My daughter was home for an extended spring break with a concussion the last few weeks . .. how strange. Please please go slow .

    You know, one of the reasons that I no longer do garden/nursery work for pay, ie rush rush more work than time was because of the injuries I was started to have. Aside from the usual aches and pains from physical labour + aging, and the kind of funny encounters with bees nests, bonks and scrapes, it was like I was continually getting some message that it was going to be an incapacitating situation if I kept it up.

    I know your situation is different, but still.


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