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Friday, February 11, 2011

Be Still My Pounding Heart

We will be 29 F today. This is the Minnesota version of spring. I am almost giddy. Be glad you can't see that, it is a scary, scary sight.

So, in about three months we will go from this........
to this.
We never discuss in polite company what happens in between. It is slimy, dirty and it sucks tendons.


  1. soon! it's coming soon - the snow WILL melt, the air WILL warm, the sun WILL shine.

    And I can't wait :)

  2. I think I have you beat,we will be lucky if it gets to 25 today! ugh!!

  3. Thanks for the welcome back! I'm already planning my next escape1

    Poor stumpy...she's boot camp bound, guilty or not.

    I remember, fondly, the highly anticipated February thaw. I won't remind you of the complete and utter devastation I felt when buried, once again, by the white stuff.

    Enjoy the thaw!

  4. Our snow looks just about like yours. Can't wait 'til spring. -3 this morning with 50 expected next Wednesday....melt!

  5. I am so glad I do not have to go through this each year. Not sure what to wish you. Everything seems to have its drawbacks in your part of the world.

  6. Life: we have a couple more months of misery, but it is coming!

    Judy: That's just not fair, is it? You will arrive at spring sooner though.

    gsc: It has been a long winter....

    Lori: New York has had a tough winter. We'll see which of us get to spring first!

    Ganeida: "Everything seems to have its drawbacks in your part of the world I have not heard it said better.

  7. I won't mention it,
    but oh the sun today , I want to throw open the windows .

  8. And your header photo, and the new ones on the sidebar?


  9. Your last sentence made me laugh. Hang in there. The contrast is astounding!

  10. Thank you deb. My horses are my pride, I will say.

    It has been very nice for a few days. It's going to get colder though and that unfortunately means ice.


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