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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wallowing in Winter

 Winter came back.

I'm tending my garden, making soup. It seems the thing to do when it is snowing and blowing outside. I have been distracted and distressed over the past few days. I am worried about my country. I really am.
All I can do is try to tamp down the anxiety and carry on. I do not possess the keys to the asylum so I am unable to confine the lunatics. So I'll eat a cookie.


  1. Maybe the loonies can be distracted with cookies. Followed by lessons in history and civics. If that doesn't work then no more cookies for them. Ever.

  2. Bill, you made me laugh! Thank you.

  3. People must be feeling so desperate. Have you dared to venture into Madison, or are you keeping a safe distance?

  4. If those cookies don't provide enough distraction, send them my way. I am VERY easily distracted.

    LOVE the new masthead!

  5. Bonnie, I would love to be in Madison, but 24 horses keep me close to home. I was hopeful when it first started, but I don't know how it can end with a good outcome. The Republicans are not rational and will not negotiate on anything. I am both fascinated and repulsed by the disintegration of our society. I'm also heartened by Madison. We aren't all batshit crazy.

    gsc, I am not supposed to make cookies. I'm fat and I don't need to get fatter. But there they are! That is my Sophie on the masthead.

  6. There is a certain satisfaction in waxing fat while one's country goes to hell in a basket. Sometimes eating cookies is all one can sensibly do. They look very yum. Want to share the recipe?

  7. First off, am sorry that winter came back - but follow the sun, look up and see it here earlier, staying out later - that's hope.

    I am also feeling concern for us as a country. I think Madison is just the tip of the iceberg...there is much more simmering under the surface.

    But, the cookie, oh, yes...There's always cookies. And that one looks so good!

  8. You are funny! Stay away from the crazies!

  9. With all this distress and crappy weather it is good to know you are eating well.

  10. Eating a cookie sounds like as good a plan as any with all of this bullshit. Perhaps a consult with good old Confucious or even the I Ching --

  11. Chocolate chip with nuts? My favorite!

  12. I' m feeling for you .

    on all counts.

    Move to Canada? :)

  13. Yep...soup and cookies when snowed in. It is the only way to go. When frustrated with country and politics...cookies and more cookies. Then no T.V. or radio. Then more cookies.

  14. My Mom who is from England used to say "Keep your pecker up!" Which means: Remain cheerful - keep your head held high. Here's to soup and cookie days and hope for the future!

  15. Ganeida, I certainly can eat cookies. It's a basic chocolate chip recipe.

    Marion, we haven't seen the sun for a while. Perhaps today.

    Missy, it's hard to avoid the crazies as they seem to be everywhere.

    Judy, I'm eating, I don't know how well though!

    Elizabeth, I so don't know anything about Buddhism. I think It and I would not match well.

    Deb, may favorite as well.

    deb, Canada won't let us in. We are too old and not independently wealthy. It crossed my mind.

    Jill, I'm fat enough, so no more cookies for me. It will help when we crawl out of winter. It's been a bad 'un.

    Lorac, long time, no see! I can't promise to be cheerful but I'll try for an occasional smile!


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