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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cardinals & Of Course, Soup

Mr. Cardinal had moved into the dogwood condo.
 Male cardinals are easy prey for the eagles and hawks in the winter. Their flaming plumage makes them highly visible against the bright white winter background, so they find hiding places for the daytime. He has moved into the dogwoods outside my kitchen door. I do enjoy watching him hop around during the day. I feel a sympathy for him, as I also feel confined by the wintery weather. Of course, there is not something waiting to eat me if I stick my neck out.
 I had a lentil and sausage soup in mind for lunch, then I realized there was asparagus in the refrigerator which was not going to last. It became soup. Since it will be another subzero day tomorrow it will be lentils and sausage then.
I have been in the middle of the February Funk. I think everyone who lives in a cold climate knows what I'm speaking of. All I can think is "enough, already." I deeply wish this to be our last stretch of below zero weather. *sigh*

Two more months. Then we get mud.


  1. It snowed here again last night. Icy cold snow. I don't have any asparagus in my freezer. What a fantastic treat in the midst of winter. I've had lots of lentil soup, thinking potato today. My spicy carrot was pretty amazing last week. Want the recipe? We don't have cardinals here. They are beautiful. Saw lots of bald eagles on my travels yesterday...so huge!

  2. I have to say I too am in a February funk...this post lifted my spirits, though! There is something magical, hopeful about the cardinal in winter - I hear his cackling little song and I rush to the window to see his flash of red against the snow...

    It's the soup, though, that really took me in. Warm and good, with wine.

    February is looking up, thank you!

  3. Asparagus soup, yummy! I always love seeing what kind of soup you are making. I love the new banner picture, it is stunning!

  4. Me too - enough already with the gray skies, the snow and the bitter cold. I made chicken leek veggie noodle soup today, using whatever I had handy, it hit the spot. But I am envying your asparagus soup. Also thinking about a batch of cream of celery.
    I am in my own little funk today too, mel is melancholy, and only sunshine will cure me.
    I love watching my male cardinal on the look out for his female while she eats. He is very protective of her. I waded through thigh deep drifts to get my feeders refilled, so I'm glad my birdies appreciate the love.

    Your header photo is amazing. Stay warm, and I look forward to pics of your next soup.

  5. Deb, I would like the recipe. I haven't seen the eagles this winter, but I see the hawks often.

    Marion, the soup was fantastic. As was the wine! Cardinals always make me smile. I'm glad he made you smile as well.

    Judy, she is my beautiful Sophie. Simply the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

    Mel, I have been mildly melancholy for some time. I wonder if I would recognize myself outside of malaise? So I make soup, and as Allegra said, it's like tending my garden. The masthead is lovely Sophie. When she puts her eye on you, you know you are being watched.

  6. Hang in there. I don't know the half of it -- but when I did live on the east coast, January and February were the months that I imagined I would commit suicide in if I were going to commit suicide. I wish you could come visit us here --

  7. all i can say is amen to wine with lunch. it helps the funk tremendously, i find. :-)


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