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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wine. Women. And Opinions

Take the time, have a cup.

Take the time. I took the advice, took the time and had a leisurely lunch in an old neighborhood standby in Saint Paul, St. Anthony Park to be exact. One of those elegant city neighborhoods which are used as a wide shot in a movie scene. A college and seminary neighborhood. Muffuletta has been there for as long as I can remember.

A long lunch with people I know and yet don't really know at all. The internet has introduced me to some interesting people whom have become part of my loosely knit circle. We spent hours, this group of four opinionated women of a certain age, laughing and opining our way through the cold afternoon. People I met online. Years ago.

We once had a vibrant and often contentious Midwest horse talk forum, a place that became our local watering hole where we would gather and talk about the issues of the day, whether it be politics or horse training. A group of us were about the same age and close to one another in philosophy, leading to our beginning a habit of occasionally meeting for lunch. 

After time, the forum lost its steam, another started but never really got the same energy, we scattered; me to the blogland, some to Face Book, others, who knows. Then somehow, we reconnected and found ourselves sitting at a table in an old restaurant, falling into the rhythm of laughter and opinions. Years had gone by, yet anyone looking at our table would believe us old near and dear friends. I suppose in a way we are. We spent a lot of time together, just not in the same room.

We will do it again. Because it was fun. 


  1. Oh I am delighted! It is truly a real anthropological adventure to make contact, to separate and to reconnect with people we once had something in common. Some just seem to spend all of their
    intellectual capital in getting to know us. Then perhaps we bore them, or they grow into other interests, maybe life keeps them -and us- from "baking bread" and without reason or rhyme we grow apart.

    The ones meant to be somehow never go back where we left off. Simply pickup the thread and "as we were saying yesterday" blows away the dust of silence that covered that time away.

    I am glad, glad, glad that like Camus in the depth of this relentless winter, you found a window to your invincible summer. Enjoy it, you certainly earned it.

  2. Love the title of your post! It says a lot. I like to watch the men scatter when those three things come into play. Nice that you are able to "reconnect" with old friends.

  3. You got out! In the bitter cold! You brave woman you! Glad it was a good meeting. Is the french press yours? I have one just like it and I adore it.

  4. And I missed it! Well, noT much with the wine but the other two are right up my alley! I swear, one day you & I are going to have to make this happen & hope we both survive the encounter! ;D

  5. I've often wondered what it would be like to gather together with all my online friends -- these men and women who have "heard" some of my most intimate thoughts yet do not truly know me.

    I'm glad that you emerged from hibernation for company and good food!

  6. Allegra, it is quite amazing how we seemed to know each other well. We really made a joyous noise! My invincible summer......perhaps I found a small window.

    Jill: I nearly spit my coffee on the screen! True, true.

    Deb: I did get out! Was the moon blue? It is mine. I didn't know I had it, I broke the carafe of the one I remember having and did not remember I had bought another. I was digging around in a little used cabinet, and there it was!

    Ganeida: If the cyclones continue, you may be blown all the way from Oz to MN!

    Elizabeth: I have had the pleasure of meeting numerous internet friends. I threw a party in Jan. 07 for people I liked on the horse forum. Lots of people came and it was so much fun. We all lived within a reasonable distance. Last summer I had a blogging friend from Denmark and her family and a blogger from northern MN spend the day. It also was a wonderful time. So if you decide to cross the country you are welcome to stop in. I have had some practice!

  7. Thanks for the Saturday laugh above!

    and how wonderful this all sounds.

    I met a blogger friend before Christmas as she lives in NB and I was going with my husband for a work Christmas dinner. Her name is Deb , and the connection was incredible.

    I met another who lives not too far from here, a sweet woman, whom I hope to have coffee with again soon.

    I have had to pass on a few other opportunities , because I don't drive on highways. Can you imagine.
    I got my license after my second child was born and basically spent a few timid years getting to the local stores and extracurricular activities.

    Things haven't changed much. I've tried a few times and physically fall apart. I need therapy or something. Every year I vow to crack it and then don't .
    And now... it seems to be getting worse. It' beyond horrible.

    I summon all of my courage and vow to visit my daughter etc and then crumble in a mess pulled off the side of the road .

    And I can't believe I just rambled on so... but there it is and I'll just hit publish anyway. :)

  8. deb, it's difficult when we can't do something like drive on a freeway. I am finding I need to be more aware and careful because I do it so rarely. I think back to the days I hauled my horse trailer all over and never gave it a thought. I was on the freeway a couple of days ago and nearly sideswiped a couple of cars as I tried to change lanes. Scary.


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