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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Howard's Wisdom

Poor Howard is exhausted. He has been confined to the house during the snow storm and therefore he has endured my lecturing about history and civics and constitutionality. He has been pummeled with my sharp criticism of Barack Obama and the weak-kneed Democrats. I have battered his tender ears with diatribes against the uninformed populace of America. He knows of solidarity and of 14 Democrats who have a spine.
By day three he collapsed in utter despair and said all he really wants out of life is a comfy bed and a biscuit. He may be onto something.....


  1. You are certainly keeping your sense of humor through it all Sandra! You should probably blog it instead of dog it!

  2. He's a GREAT listener, but apparently has his limits! I agree with Bonnie...blog it!

  3. Poor Howard! My cats have had cabin fever this year too! There has been too much snow and way too cold to go out. Maybe it is time to blog it, get it off your chest. I would love to hear your take on the matters. We don't hear it all up here. Howard would be relived!!!

  4. You and Howard need to move to Vermont for your snow -- and for Bernie Sanders. His speech yesterday was brilliant. Have you watched it?

  5. I'm trying Bonnie. I wish I had thought about blog and not dog! So does Howard. : )

    Marion, if I ranted as much on the blog as I do in my house I would blow the internet. : )

    Lorac, Howard likes the snow, so he spends lots of time outside. He was trapped with me during the storm, poor baby. I think sometimes I express myself too much online.

    Elizabeth, We need a whole bunch of Bernies. I didn't see the speech.

    Lori, I know...

  6. LOL...poor Howard! Maybe a few biscuits are in order.


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