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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Not Will Rogers, But......

America is trading in the New Deal for a Raw Deal.

That's all I have to say for now.


  1. We don't have one Democrat willing to say:
    "We need to reduce the dollars given to the military while also cutting the size of the military, let's end all wars, raise the top tax rate, create a national health care though a payroll tax and increase spending for education, sciences and technologies. And, while we're at it, set goals for non oil and non nuclear energy sources, re-invest and repair our roads, bridges, weather warning systems and our National parks and forests."

    For now our political choices are: right wing Republican and Republican-lite (aka, the Democratic Party).

  2. I can't argue with a thing you say. Right now the House has presented another stopgap bill to fund the government for an additional week. Surprise, surprise....what do you know, in this bill is a little chicanery; full funding for the Pentagon for the remainder of the fiscal year, thereby removing it from the so called budget discussion. And Obama has been telling everyone the military personnel cannot have their pay disrupted. Ah, the web they all weave.

  3. I am becoming a horrid combination of apathy and cynicism. There is another election here in Canada. But there aren't any candidates. I imagine even less people will vote than last time.My son was asking my advice today... a young adult , concerned, and I just said what I never never would have thought... maybe not voting will send a message. And he agreed. So sad.

  4. deb, I know what you mean. I am in despair myself. I did read about the 'no confidence' vote concerning your conservative PM. How did Canada get caught up in this craziness of right wing politicos?

    I will not vote for Barack Obama next year. This is a hard thing for me, but I don't believe the man. He has lied from the start and I think he is an unemotional opportunist who will throw us all under the bus. A sociopathic Republican or at the very least, a ruthless Democrat, where is the difference? I will vote, but I will vote my conscience for the first time, without regard for outcome.

    I am sorry about your son. We should be telling our young to be engaged. I have been telling Kristina to leave. How sad is that.


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