Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Monday, April 18, 2011

Report From The Trenches

Hey all, I just wanted to report I am up to my ears in never ending work and have no time or energy to spend online. Spring & farm life make for a busy me. I really should be getting too old for this, but I find I neglected to plan an exit strategy, so there you go. Somewhere along the line I discovered horses are a lot of work!  Tax time ends today, so Mark will emerge from his den and join the living once more and perhaps give me a hand here and there. Hope does spring and all that.

See you when I emerge from my mountain of manure.


  1. We will be here when you are settled!

  2. Echoing Missy's comment. Just don't overdo it. And take care of yourself.

  3. Hope it feels good to be back in the trenches...glad your 'help' will be back in action soon too! Sending thoughts of strength and endurance and health your way.
    Blessings Sandra

  4. Somewhere under all his winter hair there still is a Cassidy! Spring is struggling to arrive here so maybe he is the smart one for hanging on to it.

  5. Well, two days after my Spring love fest blog, we had two sweltering humid days in the 90's culminating in some pretty scary thunderstorms and sleep wrecking thunder and lightning. Now we're set for a cold, blustery, rainy weekend again. Makes no sense at all. The weather is just toying with me, I think. Hope Spring is finding you up north!
    I've been working in the yard and garden as much as my creaky body will let me and I'm trying to enjoy the sore muscles and sweat, telling myself this is good for me, makes me stronger and younger and all that. I'm sleeping like a rock when the hot flashes and weather let me. I suppose this is all good, but I feel guilty whining when I think about how much physical labor is involved with your larger acreage and horses. Hope you are feeling a good kind of sore too!


I really appreciate the concept and sentiment behind awards, but I cannot participate in them anymore. I have too may and I have not got the time to devote to participating properly. To all who have honored me, I am grateful but I don't have seven more things to tell anyone about myself! And I'm a terrible passer-oner.