Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Eat. Work. And A Ghost.

Can you tell we are having Fall weather. Food is once again on my mind.
A little bit of grass fed top round steak covered with sauteed mushrooms. As Julia Child said, I did not crowd the mushrooms! Accompanied by a melange of vegetables and baked sweet potato fries. Ummm, ummm GOOD!

Do you think I have ghosts? Sometimes what comes out of my camera causes me to wonder!

It is another beautiful day that will be filled with work. Somehow I don't mind laboring when it is a lovely day. Anyone wanting to share the day and the labor, well I do have a fine collection of manure forks.........


  1. I love those surprises that come out of the camera sometimes. Looks like abstract art! Enjoy your sunny day - sorry, I'll pass on manure duty for today.

  2. sweet potato fries... heaven.

    so thrilled your "back" ,

    and I wonder what I am. maybe whacky.

    I like that I am old enough to feel comfortable however and whenever though. That's key, right? I can hang with all the upscale soccer mom or crawl around in the mud. I think I'm most comfortable in my pj's but that' s not always a good thing :)

  3. Bonnie, looks like the spirits are in the kitchen!

    deb, my husband has reminded me I AM NOT a rube. I just look like one! He is such a dear. Whacky is a good thing.

  4. I love Mushrooms and Manure! Not together, apart...

  5. I'll pass on the steak but I'll take mushrooms any way they come! ☺

    Love the camera work. Can't you blame the cat? Or maybe the dog?

  6. surprises come out of my camera all the time...some of them even involving mushrooms. :-) that looks delicious and with your fabulous kitchen, i can totally see why your thoughts turn to cooking...sigh. i have total kitchen envy just thinking about it. and i would gladly take up a manure fork, that's so therapeutic somehow. and way cheaper than actual therapy.

  7. The first image is looks like autumn on a plate - full, rich, colorful, delicious!

  8. I clicked here just in case ( I keep meaning to do that google reader thing )

    but I was stunned by the header photo. again.

    just sayin'


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