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Monday, September 13, 2010

Jackie? Helen? Or Ma Kettle?

This is what happens when your computer has a camera.
Someone decides to try out the Jackie O look. Or perhaps it's Helen Gurley Brown. I don't think either of those stylish women would have been been caught on a bet in my oh-so-not-stylish barn tee shirt!

I went to a training clinic on Friday that is a western discipline, reining. I planned to take my temperamental Lipizzan/Arabian gelding along, but he thought not and wouldn't get himself into the trailer. As it turned out, he was much wiser than I.

Although it was interesting and it is a very popular thing among stock horse as well as Arabian owners, it would most definitely not been up Ari's alley. He-of-lightness-and-sensitivity would not have enjoyed being kicked, nor would he have liked to have his mouth pulled hard to create a sliding stop. I took this photo at the end of the day. I saw a row of snoozing horses. It captures how hard they all worked during the day.

This leads to the end of the day, after we left Wisconsin and I had dropped Kristina off at her apartment. She lives in the neighborhood I left when I moved to the country nearly twenty years ago. It was right at the peak rush hour time, so I decided to spend sometime in the area. How much has changed and how firmly it was reenforced that you really cannot go home again.

Hip; urbane; crowded; upscale; pretentious; aggressive. The reality now. My quaint, quiet urban oasis is not what it used to be. I walked around like the rube I have become. I think my mouth literally was agape. I needed a few groceries, so I stopped in the place I used to shop. I could barely make my way through the aisles. Unfriendly hipsters, upscale soccer moms and a palpable sense of stress. No eye contact. Perhaps I was the only one no one would look at, as I am sure I not only obviously looked out of place, I probably smelled out of place as well! I was, after all, just a half an hour removed from the place in the photo.

It was a surprise to me that I would not want to live there again. I had thought I could, but I realize not so much.

Perhaps if I had practiced my look beforehand? Unlikely. I now realize I own it, so I may as well wear it with pride. I am a rube. ☺


  1. Welcome to my reality. ☺ I grew up on the outskits of our largest city & travelled the world but I have lived on our little island for over 20 years & these days Brisbane is enough to do my head space in. I'm a hick. I may as well be proud of the fact.

  2. I don't think much of a trainer who teaches a sliding stop by wrenching a horse's mouth! My mare would slide wearing her bosal. A shift in weight & leg, with a spoken cue was all that was needed.

    But she didn't learn it in a day either...

  3. If you describe yourself with the terms the people you don't want to be would use ... then you find yourself a rube. There are many other descriptive words that better suit who you are. Trouble is we tend to believe the stories we tell ourselves and the names we call ourselves. With the little I know of you, I would describe you as a sophisticated, learned transplant from urban life to country living.

    She 'of lightness and sensitivity would not enjoy being kicked ...' either. :-)

  4. I miss showing horses and I so miss running barrels! Love the photos!

  5. Great picture...it's all working for ya!

  6. I agree with Judy, think it's a great picture of you. I think it's the bronze lip color! It is good to feel comfortable with who we are, including how we look, and what we don't want in our lives.

  7. I like the photo! I envy those women who feel comfortable posting photos of oneself -- I never do.

    It's so good to read your posts again --

  8. Ah, Ganeida isn't it a relief!

    Teri, I was not picking on reiners. I showed Arabian halter horses for several years. 'Nuff said. : ) And of course there is Anky and her rolkur. It can be interesting and sometimes an eye-opener when you see how things are at the beginning, to attain the end result. This was a NRHA sponsored event.

    Bonnie, I will accept with a smile and a thank you your description of me! But I will also hold with a bit of glee my rube-ness. : ) And she does not like to be kicked!

    Missy, I have never run a barrel. Well, not entirely true. I did try once at the place I kept my childhood horse, but we weren't any good. So I kept the horse and lost the idea of barrels!

    Judy, I think I was working it. : )

    Deb, age and how I live have greatly contributed to my lack of style. Mostly, I don't notice, but sometimes I cannot escape the very visible fact!

    Thank you Elizabeth. It becomes easier to lose inhibitions as you get older. I do crazy old woman rather well. : )

  9. I am also a rubish person and proud of it! I mean really.....I did grow a giant pumpkin. Ha ha. To each their own.


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