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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Still Here

Since we last spoke it has turned into fall in the odd state of Minnesota. With the change of weather has come an impulse to return to the kitchen. As I had said before, I am a simple cook, interested in easy preparation and ultimate flavor. To that end I covered a cut-up chicken with fresh herbs, coarse salt, chopped garlic and green onions and a healthy dose of olive oil.
The end result was fabulous!
Paired with the zucchini pancakes ala Allegra........
a simple and delicious dinner was had.
I watched Julie & Julia last night. I was almost inspired to pull out the cookbooks, but I think not. I don't have the time it takes, but it would be fun to cook like that again. On the other hand, my ever expanding waistline is not in need of that!

I know I have been MIA, not only from here, but I have not been out and about in the blogland. I have indulged my dour mood and stayed cocooned in grumpiness. Today is simply beautiful. Not even I can continue to chew the bone of discontent on a day like this. Perhaps the block I have had will be burst by sunshine and temperate fall days.


  1. Welcome back. Your dinner looks divine. Fall fell in Illinois as well, coming on a rollercoaster of crazy temperature swings. I love your new header photo, and am determined to capture my own local goldens and browns before the harvesters take them.
    If your dour mood persists, I suggest you play the music video at the bottom of my latest post, it has made me smile for days, and lessened the sting of the asshattery in the world. I'm off to enjoy a sunny Sunday, hope yours is lovely too.

  2. I've missed you and your dinner looks delicious! I'm sort of glad you weren't around to read my two trolls who have taken to posting nasty political comments on my blog! I can't imagine how apoplectic you would have been!

  3. Sandra: I understand but I have missed your wicked sense of humour & I must tell you I laughed when I saw what you had come back to on my blog! You do pick your moments, girl!!!! ♥Hugs♥ Happy to have you back. ☺

  4. Hello, hello! Yes, I've missed you too. I was just thinking about food posts the other day, and of course I thought of you. I turned the oven on this week too! A nice thing about the cooler weather. I bet the fresh herbs for the chicken came from your own garden. It's almost time to harvest my basil and make fresh pesto. Yummm.

  5. So nice to see you are back...I have missed your wonderful sense of humor!
    Dinner looked scrumptious! Zucchini pancakes, yum!

    I just love your new blog picture, it takes my breath away!

  6. Mel, I thank you mightily for the laugh. And your beautiful butterfly photos.

    Elizabeth, a troll who will put their vile ignorance on your blog is a worthless piece of tissue matter indeed. Mel has something on her blog which applies. The F*ckit Bucket. It is appropriate to the damn fools bothering you. Personally, I am done with bullying from the lazy brains.

    Ganeida, I am not at all uncomfortable with your faith. Sometimes I know it would be inappropriate for me to comment, but usually I have no problem having a comment or two. : ) I thought it a well thought treatise on the subject. As usual. Loved the bit of info on the Celts and how they counted the dead.

    Deb, everything but the chicken came from my garden. The chicken was from the Amish. I spent several hours yesterday processing basil to freeze for my use over the winter. It is all done now. Enjoy you basil!

    Judy, how am I going to get you connected to horses again? You must, really. And the zucchini pancakes are yum!

  7. Welcome back!

    If that chicken tastes half as good as it looks...

    You haven't missed much on my blog, I don't have internet access so updatesw are few and far between.

    I am loving being home! I got a taste of summer, and now some fall. Spending lots of time with my mom and dad and sisters and friends. Life is good!

  8. I'm glad to hear you made it home and are enjoying yourself. Have you left dirtville permanently in the dust?

  9. Your banner photo is beautiful! Your dinner looks pretty darn good too!


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