Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


 starting someplace, going no place.



  1. Let's hope this is the road to get away from the madness, to comeback to the place where all things are possible and somehow home bound to ethics, truth, and abolishing lobbyists.

    "Yes, I know I am a dreamer..."

  2. A., I just finished watching yet another Republican debate. I think I need a drink or three.

    Yes, you are a dreamer, these people are our ticket to going no place. No place good. I need a drink, leave the bottle.

  3. I have not watched or bothered to read any of the "debacles".

    These are not "people". These are vested interests dressed with clothes and their vested interest had nothing to do with rights, ethics and the sort. When a nation is for sale we call it third world nation. What has ours become? Don't answer that.

    Up or on the rocks?

  4. that picture underlines it very nicely. i do love when a photo truly does speak a thousand words.

  5. We had a snowfall a couple of nights ago. I put Howard out and he did his little walk about. When I let him in, I saw their great light with footprints going off into nothingness. I took a photo, looked at it and saw our troubles. I must not have slept well that night. : )


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