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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nature's Way

Howard is not impressed
 Rain yesterday, followed by about 6 inches of heavy, wet snow
 Trees are weighed down
 Nature's tree trimming service
 Bucolic scene
 Large limbs everywhere
 Large part of a tree
It has been a snowless winter. This is the first time I plowed this season. This snow made a huge mess. Trees and limbs are down everywhere. The power was out this AM, but I got my coffee due to a gas stove and a pestle & mortar to grind my beans. I knew that thing would come in handy!


  1. Lovely photos! Hooray for coffee. Hooray for the mortar & pestle.

  2. That Howard cracks me up every time you post his picture!
    Beautiful photos as always...luckily the snow won't last.

  3. Denise, it was a big hooray for the mortar & pestle when I felt so smug about having a gas stove and then realized I couldn't grind the beans. And there it was on the counter!

  4. Heidi! Hello to you.........Howard would crack you up even more in person, so I hope you can visit in the spring. Howard is a living cartoon and he doesn't mind. : )

  5. I'm speechless. I can't imagine living with all that cold!

  6. It's not that cold, at least not by our standards! We've been having a warm winter. I've read we could have a flea problem this spring/summer because of it. Remember my flea infestation of a couple of years ago? I'm not excited......

  7. That last photo is fabulous! Kind of an ironic state...so beautiful, but yet so damaging. I hate seeing and hearing all of the limbs coming down. Howard is such a cute guy. Love his velvety ears.

  8. After I took the photos the tree in the last photo lost another large limb, which took out my fountain, aka pigeon spa. Oh, well.

  9. It looks so beautiful and serene... but those downed limbs prove its power. (I love your bassett hound, and love even more that his name is Howard!)

    Glad you got your coffee... very resourceful :)

  10. Could you please send me some? A whole winter without even one flake, and I mean of the weather kind :)

    Back home now, it was wonderful. it made me wish you and your horses could have joined us for a ride by the surf. Ah the old days...do you think that wishing for those days makes me look fat? I mean, older?

    I am sure you read the decision in Michigan about giving all the delegates in a winner takes all decision?

    Even their excuses are so darn lame that it made me laugh. "These are not my pants and even if they are, they are his pants too" as in "we cheat as a matter of principle and we prove we are not discriminating by cheating on each other and if we are caught cheating someone else we run to the Supreme Court and they said we have the right. Check history."

    My old attorney, now a judge, used to say that watching republicans running against each other to trying to win votes at any cost was akin to watching a pis....g contest between two skunks. Wise man.

  11. I agree, the new word verification is a pain ...

    Interesting, the new word verification showed up when it was discovered Google had secretly thwarted user's computer security software and has been spying on the internet activity of those using Google.

    And, for me, snow always looks better in photos!

  12. Leslie, Howard is a Howard, can't be anything but!

    Allegra, I've talked to you, I'm glad you're back.

    Bill, I am in your brain. I don't know, can we defend ourselves against it? Yes, but that would mean to cease and desist and that seems unlikely to happen. I was looking at FB and Google did an end game when I was not looking. On the other hand, google is wasting its resources on me, as there is not much to track and I don't buy anything but hay and bedding. But, still.......


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