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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Of Soup & Such

A dreary, blustery Sunday in late February and some fresh produce in the refrigerator ready to go south on me soon becomes Sunday lunch.

Anyone who has read this thing I do knows I love to make soup. This little beauty is composed of butternut squash, carrots, celery, red kale, onion and garlic, chicken stock I made in January and froze; fresh dill, salt, pepper, barley and some lovely smoked bacon. A little Grana Padano on top and it's good enough to eat.

As a nod to my good internet friend and trained chef, Allegra, I did all my prep in advance and I cleaned as I went. I will forever remain a home kitchen cook, but with a little nudging I can be a tidy one. All right, it also takes some effort and discipline on my part and therein lies the rub!

Bon Appetito.


  1. What a wonderfully delicious soup - to warm the heart and soul.

  2. Marion, it was good! The smokiness of the bacon went very well with the sweetness of the squash.

  3. There isn't a recipe, Lori. I used what was in the refrigerator. It's chicken stock based. The different thing in it is cubed squash. Squash breaks down more than the carrots and adds a slightly sweet flavor, which goes really well with smoked bacon. I put barley in almost everything!

  4. oh.. I think my family would love this! Soup is a love language in our house.

  5. It is in my house as well, deb.


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