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Friday, December 18, 2009

A Month In A Life

What I have been doing over the past month and a half. With an interruption for a couple of weeks to care for the stallions after their brain surgery. 

This stuff has been in my kitchen and bedroom for what seems to be forever. It's tough to run a farm and paint an interior of a house. And I can tell you without doubt now, I'm not what I used to be! I feel like I've been run over by a truck. I do believe I took on a bit too much, but it seemed reasonable when I decided to do it.

I realized by the time I got to this counter/cabinet space that I don't need to paint here. I've ordered tin tiles to place here. Another project! There is no holiday decorating or baking happening at my home this year.

I got my bedroom painted, but still don't have the curtains up. The kitchen got painted green by default because I had a full gallon left over from painting my bedroom. I used to say paint is cheap, but not anymore. So that full gallon went to paint another room. Not my first choice, but paint isn't cheap!

I am also dealing with a seriously lame mare. She has been on bute and stall rest for two weeks. I have not been able to make the call to end this. She is not showing pain when left in, but she has not been able to walk. The past two days have been marginally better, giving me a little burst of hope. I should have just put her down, but she is a kind old lady who gave me many foals over the years. She is the dam of my Lipizzan cross, Ari. She is also a very good patient, taking her confinement with patient grace.

She is old, but I have great affection for her and as long as she isn't suffering serious pain I will give her some time to heal, if she can. My vet thinks she may have fractured her right shoulder but he isn't sure. So I'll give her some time. Give Sun Spot a little positive thought if you can.


  1. OoooH I love that shade of green! It looks absolutely fantastic!

    As for the horse...give her a little time. You have had so many loses this year another, perhaps unnecessary one, is one too many. Sending prayers & positive thoughts for her full recovery.

  2. My My...I'm stressing just thinking about you painting your house!

  3. I am not envious of your current project, although when it's all done, I am sure it will be green with envy! I do love that hunter green!

    Argh! Sandra! What a time you have had with your horses! I,\'m glad you are giving your mare some time. You wouldn't have been able to live with yourself if you weren't sure. She's in my thoughts..

  4. I am loving the paint color!!! Gorgeous!

    I was doing fine with your post until you posted the photo. That brought a (horse) face to your pain - and that is hard. I hate having an animal in pain, but whe you "see" them so lively...

    My Heidi dog has been ill these past few weeks - she's on Rimadyl for her pain...but gosh, it's hard. I pray for quick recoveries of BOTH our animals. It sucks, doesn't it?

  5. I understand why you feel you've taken on so much. But, it doesn't all have to been done at once. Maybe do one room at a time, then give yourself a rest.

    The green might be a default color, but I think it looks nice, and agree with your logic...paint isn't cheap.

    Good luck with the horse situation, decisions can be very difficult.

    Making my rounds today to all on my bloglog from Sandy's Space to say Merry Christmas, in case I run short of time later.


  6. I have been wondering where you have been! The paint looks wonderful and I know paint is not cheap!
    I am sending good wishes and prayers to Sun Spot. I hope you both will be ok.

  7. Thanks Ganeida. She can't stand in a stall forever, but another week or so and I should know if it's futile or not. I like the green as well.

    Queen, I'm stressed as well! I'm painting a ceiling. : 0

    gsc, I didn't realize how long this would take, but I have had so many interruptions! I have so many horses and more than a few are old or older, so it's not a surprise that there are so many troubles all at once. Knowing why doesn't help much in the end though.

    Britwife, this is the sweetest mare you can imagine. She is gentle and kind. She was such a good mother to her babies and so easy for me to work with as a mom. She was also a show horse and an all around riding horse. She has earned her place here and I can't just cut her loose without giving her a shot at getting better.

    Sandy, yes I'm doing one room at a time, but it is a long process! I'm nearly done, I have the ceiling in the kitchen left. I won't be able to get to it for a few days though. My horse job is getting in the way. Thanks for the Christmas wishes.

    Thank you all for you good thoughts for Spotty.

  8. Judy, I missed your post. : )

    I have been in a sad state of mind since Shaka died, so I delved into something that kept me busy and was also productive. I haven't felt like communicating, by phone or computer. Work is good for what ails you.

    I know you have a soft heart for the horses. Thank you for your prayers for Spot.

  9. Oh I hope Sun Spot gets better and you become less busy and have some time to relax.

  10. Thanks Liss. Wait until January. It will be cold and I will probably be on the computer way too much!

  11. Hey Sandra, I have missed you. I love the green, looks like Restoration Hardware's silver sage which I adore. So, I had the Pomeranian neutered last week. It knocked him out for a day (I think they may have given his little boy too much anesthetic..he's mostly fur) but he's running around just fine again. I don't see a huge difference in his temperament, but I think he's listening a little bit better. We'll see...Christmas Blessings to you my blogfriend.

  12. Debra it is good to be missed! The Pom will be so pleased to be a little lighter in the rear. It takes some time for the difference to show, especially when they are older.


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