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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I am not able to follow any blogs. I get a message telling me following is forbidden with this server. Does anyone know what has happened?

Going to the help center is useless and contacting a real person impossible.

Thanks for any help I can get.

OK, I copied the message.


You don't have permission to access /friendconnect/settings/simpleSave on this server.

*An edit to clarify. I can follow blogs I already have on my list but I am unable to add any others. When I click on to follow a blog, the above is the error message.

I hate the lack of access to help.


  1. I think blogger has some issues at the moment. Soupy has problems with her comments; I thought I crashed my 4th blog [I'm goood!]; You have no friends. So sad. lol. Sorry I'm no real help. It usually fixes itself given enough time if that's any consolation?

  2. I get that fairly frequently. I just close the window and open a new one sometimes I have to do it twice.

    I googled the error message and tried to find something in bollger help, to no avail.

    Sorry! I hope it fixes itself!

  3. I was not clear. I can follow those who are all ready on my list, but I can't follow anyone new.

    Four blog crashes. Oh my.

    It doesn't matter how often I try.

  4. Did you try using the new "Follow" icon above your header? It works faster than the other way - and maybe it will avoid the problem you describe.

  5. I dub thee 'Bonnie the Magnificent'! You solved the problem. When I read that, I had no idea what you were talking about and it only took me minutes to figure it out! Problem solved. I'm on bended knee. Thank you!

  6. these comments were fun to follow - and I learned something new!

  7. I have never gotten that error message. You did show up as a follower on my Journal, and I clicked on it to get to you. Did you turn off your computer and start over?

  8. I learned something too jules!

    Lori, I went back to your site after Bonnie suggested what to do. It worked!

  9. when you have issues, you should really tweet the @blogger people on twitter, they respond RIGHT away and give you a fix. :-) twitter is the new black.

  10. julochka, I don't tweet. I don't think my aging brain could take on one more thing! I'll probably decide to use twitter when it is fading in popularity and everyone is on to the next new thing. : )


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