Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sometimes There Is Beauty, If You Look

Of course you need to be up early enough!

A beautiful start to a cold day. Clear skies mean cold temperatures in my part of the world. It's nice to see the sun, so I will stow the complaining until January, when the doldrums really set in.

We had a lot of snow fall over the Christmas holiday so we were literally snowed in. We finally became totally plowed yesterday. It's been a long time since I have seen such enormous piles of snow. Howard is beside himself with joy!

Because of all the snow our family lunch was postponed until tomorrow. We are a small group, five including my aged parents. My son, being a new homeowner, is preparing lunch at his home in Minneapolis, while we pick up grandma and very grumpy and infirm grandpa. Grandpa may not be making many more visits, so although he would rather stay home we are pushing him out the door, at least one more time. My mother should not be caring for him, but they will not listen. It took a long time, but I am now in the position of attempting to influence my parent's decisions. I can tell you it is not going well.

Although cold, the day is beautiful and the yard is plowed. Sometimes you have to take the good you get and call it good enough. 


  1. I'm a real morning person, too.... I like being up when everyone else is still sleeping and yes, there is so much beauty in the stillness of daybreak.

    My parents, too, are going through something similar. And, like yours, refuse to make necessary changes. With six sibling, you would think one of us would be able to help them transition, but they won't hear of it. I hope the winter is kinder to them this year than last year.

  2. I'm more of a sunset than sunrise person! That photo is gorgeous. Do you know Byron Katie's writings? Her "loving what is" has helped me tremendously in my relationship with my againg parents. She has a good website too. www.thework.com

  3. I am not a morning person at all...although this morning I was. Out late or should I say early 3:30am playing cards.
    A morning sunrise brings such beauty and promise of a beautiful day ahead.

    Enjoy the day with your family.

  4. Lovely to look at... best avoided? It looks too cold for words. Brrrr. How are you ploughing? Sorry but the only plow I know is dragged behind either a tractor or a horse & is done prior to planting out a crop. At thjis time of the year I assume that's *not* what you're doing. Why are you ploughing snow? Ignorant Aussie now signing out confused.

  5. It's difficult when we, as children, have to infringe on our parents' independence for their own safety...it is a huge loss for them.

    That photo is stunning Sandra! It would look gorgeous matted and framed.

  6. I have experienced those early sunrises too. Breathtaking photo!

  7. gsc, it's tough because if they won't cooperate what do you do?

    Debra, I checked out the website and will look into her ideas. Thanks!

    Judy, 3:30, really! I haven't stayed up that late since I was young and probably up to no good!

    Ganeida, you do make me laugh. : ) Snow gets very deep and you can't drive through it or walk through it, so you move it out of the way. That's called plowing.

    Bonnie, it is a loss. 60 years together is hard to give up.

    Lori, I like the early morning. It's peaceful.

  8. Sandra, the calendar is for Austaralian Cattle Dog Rescue. Shhhhhh... we don't want any of those no morlas/values, breeding, money grubbing fools to get an idea about a new "designer breed".

    Yeah, the parents...we do what we can, all the time trying to move them forward without making them confrontational ... Unfortunately, I am 2500 miles away. fortunately I have 4 siblings that are amazing and share the responsbility.

  9. Glad I'm not the only one who has trouble after getting things organized. lol

    Beautiful picture, not a morning person myself; but wow...that's awesome.


  10. Visiting my blog log to say Happy New Years, and remind ya...welcome mats always out.


  11. Amazing as always


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