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Friday, January 1, 2010

So Long, Farewell. Good Riddance

The new year always looks like this in my little corner of the world. 

So we said goodbye to the double ohs. Speaking strictly for myself, I am glad to see the backside of the decade. In fact, I think I mentally gave 2009 a kick in the pants on its way out.

The era of Bush, the time America lost its mind and its soul. 

2009, the year I got old. A natural result of idealism lost.

As we dip our toe into the promise of a new decade, a new start, we can hope. I am grabbing hope by the collar and dragging it back into the room for one more go-around. I may have become old last year, but I'm not down for the count. Not yet.

In the meantime I will bundle up and deal with the new year present Canada has sent us; sub-zero temperatures. 'Cause you know, baby it's cold outside.

Happy New Year gentle people. I know you can't tell, but I'm not frowning. That's the first step toward smiling!


  1. Sandra, I am wishing you and yours, myself and the world all good things for the new year; prayers, hope and faith enough to KNOW WE CAN make it happen!

    ::kicks 2009 out:: and lets the door hit it on the way out!

  2. Happy New Year, Sandra! Let's hope it's better for all of us all round.

  3. Happy New Year may this year and this decade be better that the last.

    A fresh mind and a fresh start is always good.

  4. I can feel your smile! Cheers to you for a wonderful new year!!

  5. Happy Hopeful New Year Sandra! Stay Warm!

  6. I may smile when all of my morning chores are done, but at -24F with a wind, I am not smiling yet! I keep telling myself that spring will be here before we know it. Ahhhh--warmth and flowers and mud and bugs.......:~)

  7. Happy New Year all. Let us hope it is the beginning of better things.

    The cold has slapped us upside the head, hasn't it!

  8. Such lovely photos of snow! I am looking forward to a better year next year as well : ) Sienna went to a show here in Atlanta called Cavalia. If you google it you will see it. It is cirque du soleil with horses, basically. I think you will enjoy the photos. She hasn't stopped talking about it : )

    Happy NEw Year


  9. Happy New Years Sandra! I also hope it will be a better one!!!

  10. I can not get my right hand warm no matter what I do.

  11. Funny how when chores are done and I am in for the night, it just doesn't seem so bad. At 5:30 tomorrow morning when it is -25 again, listen to me whine! :~)

  12. Ashley, I looked it up. I can see why Sienna is enchanted! Enjoy your time home, I know it will be too short.

    J, Happy New Year to you. Yours' will be better, I have no doubt.

    Jean, I thought of you at 5:30 this AM. That is too early to face such cold temps! My house is very cold. : (

  13. Jules, just the right hand? I can't get warm, but it doesn't help that my house is cold.

  14. Sandra, I saw this poem this morning and thought of you. No credit was given.

    It's winter here in Minnesota
    And the gentle breezes blow
    Seventy miles an hour
    At thirty-five below.

    Oh, how I love Minnesota
    When the snow is up to your butt.
    You take a breath of winter
    And your nose gets frozen shut.

    Yes, the weather here is wonderful
    So I guess I'll hang around.
    I could never leave Minnesota
    I'm frozen to the friggin' ground!

    Happy Day!

  15. I hated 2009 too, as it is the year I got old as well. I'm trying to be hopeful for 2010, and wish you well this year.


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