Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Lamb Lays Down With The Lion

Margaret rules the house. 

Howard laid there with the beast next to him with some apprehension. She moved in after he found the sunbeam. The comforting warmth of the sun and fear of the seemingly mindless villainy only a cat can inflict kept Howard still as a mouse. OK, bad metaphor.

Margaret knows attitude is every thing.


  1. Love this photo! You can see how both have placed their heads so that they can keep an eye on the other. What you have to put up with to enjoy some rays!!

  2. Margaret gives the dogs no quarter, so they do have respect. Howard is a big chicken so it was hard to lay there next to her!

  3. A great shot. I just looked at most of your blog...what a beautiful facility you have! Needless to say, the horses are also gorgeous...you have quite an operation going. And you even know how to bake a fabulous apple pie! I am very impressed!

    Thanks for visiting my Journal.

  4. Great photo. The cat does look in charge.

  5. What a happy photo! My dogs will lay here in the computer room with me (and the cat), but it's always an uneasy momentary truce. As long as everyone is asleep, everyone gets along. LOL The bad thing is that the dogs will give the cat back twice as much as she dishes out! Yikes!

  6. Isn't it funny how animals can find the tiniest sliver of sunlight to lie in?

  7. Hi Lori. Thanks about the horses, they aren't so lovely over the winter! This time the pie was as good as it looked.

    Queen, she is. : )

    Oz Girl, Margaret is not fearful of dogs. She will stand and fight if chased. They learn to leave her alone!

    Britwife, the solar effect in that room is amazing.

  8. fun photo! Does the chair have 3 legs in the back? Interesting....

  9. Debra, no the chair only has two legs. The other chair is angled a bit. Looks like one chair though!


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