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Monday, January 25, 2010

And Now.......For the Big Reveal

Okay, too much HGTV.

My office, the space where all those pearls of wisdom fall from my finger tips onto the computer screen. It was so dusty and cluttered it had become impossible to move about the room. There was a path from the door to the desk. The desk was obscured by piles of paper and books.

I didn't do anything other than clean up and swap burgundy velvet curtains for the olive faux suede curtains, but it feels like a new space. Because I can get into it. This time I swear I will be good and clean my room. I really, really will.

This is my year of transformation. My year to decide to enjoy my space, my life. If only I could get Howard out of my chair.


  1. Your office looks very inviting. Love the placement of your desk in the middle of the room facing the window.

    Truth be told, I think it is really Howard's office and you get to use it too 'cause he loves you so much.

  2. No clutter on the desk, no clutter in the mind....lol. I really need to clean mine too. Well done!

  3. Great Job, that looks like a cozy office: ) We are doing some sprucing up in our apartment when we get back and i am really looking forward to it. First room on the list...the office : )


  4. I want to push Howard over and curl up next to him. That color is so warm and inviting (ok, do tell...what IS the color and paint color?)

    I am tired of the kids cutting up pieces of paper into confetti sized pieces - and then leaving them lay all over "my" room.

  5. What a gorgeous room. I love the wood work, the huge windows letting in light, the glowing gold wall color and Howard keeping you company. Yea for you and your hard work. The Olive suede is lovely on the windows...ahh yes! You've done something good for your soul! Enjoy!

  6. It is a very beautiful room. I am jealous as I sit at my computer which is in my kitchen. It is the biggest room in the house, so here I am.

    I thought we deserved to see the "before" picture, too! :~)

  7. Bye the way, "Grammy Dianne" is my Mom, so it was really me, Ashley posting : ) I think maybe she has commented before but I wasn't sure.

  8. bonnie, you are so right. The who;e place belongs to the dogs and they are kind enough to allow us to use it! Howard is my shadow.

    Judy, I still have clutter in the mind. I guess I need to keep cleaning up. : )

    Ashley, it's so great you have had a long visit with family. Going home will be tough. Don't think about an messy office!

    Britwife, if you could push Howard over you would be the first and we would be amazed. He's like trying to move a wet bag of cement. The 100# Basset Hound. I don't know what the color is called, but it looks like the color of goldenrod. I would not like the confetti either. They must be celebrating you as their mom!

    Debra, Thanks! I feel so much better in here now. I can breath the air without a headache as the result.

    Jean, as you know I am a person of few inhibitions, but even I could not have embarrassed myself that much. I could have been on one of those TV shows. : o

    Ashley, yep Dianne comments once in awhile. New it was you.


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