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Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Dogs Life

Yesterday was such a difficult day for my dogs. I was busily chasing dust and dog hair in my office all day and into the night. How can a dog get a proper rest when the two-legger is creating a swirl of dust.

Poor Howard needed to stretch out and relax. Life is so difficult, a boy needs his chair.

Unfortunately, there is only one chair and two dogs. Grace circled him the whole while he tried to relax, eventually wearing him down and out of the coveted spot.

Success has its' rewards.


  1. Poor Howard! How awful to have to evacuate your comfy place.

  2. Grace is so bossy and she always gets her way!

  3. They are like two-year olds, aren't they, always wanting what the other one has! :-)

    I always feel bad when I'm cleaning - the vacuum chases the dogs from room to room, although Tori WILL attack it. Trixie just runs to the farthest corner in the house. Poor girl.

    That chair cover looks soooo familiar... I think I had the exact same on a chair in Ohio, which my dalmatian called HIS chair.

    I cave to them all the time.

  4. What a fun photo shoot of your dear beasties. I love the gold walls by the way...is this room of your new paint projects?

  5. Yes Oz Girl they are. Perpetual toddlers. They squabble and then they play, like kids. The slip cover is old, which you can tell by the "Made in USA". Pre NAFTA. This is their chair and they have a dedicated sofa as well. Poor babies.

    Debra, my golden walls were painted in 2006. I think I am the only person I know that likes it! So I'm glad you do too.

  6. Sounds like Grace knows how to manipulate Howard. Sounds like a sitcom. I will make another trip back here to check out your blog more thoroughly.

  7. I've noticed that those really into their animals get animals with personality plus. ☺ You seem to have got it several times over. Love the yellow ~ & the dogs, of course!

  8. Hi TechnoBabe! Grace is a dominate female and Howard is a wimp. : )

    Ganeida, I think the animals come to us with their basic personality and then we mess them up by turning them into odd versions of ourselves!

  9. Mine just lay down on TOP of one another.
    Grace is much bigger than I imagined her to be...seeing her in scale with the chair makes me "see" how large of a dog she really is!

  10. Britwife, I have seen the photos of your dogs sprawled on top of the other. They are very cute!

    Grace had aspirations of being a Great Dane. She almost made it, but had to settle for being a giant Greyhound instead!


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