Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Yellow Yearning

This rose graced the cover of the Jackson & Perkins rose catalogue. Isn't it glorious.

I love yellow roses and yet I seem to have a difficult time growing them. But once again I will try with this rose. It grabbed me from the moment I pulled the catalogue from the mailbox. Such a happy color.

This is my time of year to page through the catalogues, yearning for spring. Hearing the muffled murmur of life under the frozen earth speak to me, whispering their promise of spring. Of beauty.

When I lose myself to the flowers on paper the cold, gray landscape outside my window disappears, replaced with bobbing heads of delphinium, lily and rose. For a brief time the misery of a Minnesota winter vanishes behind the promise of May.

So now I start planning my purchases. I need to plan wisely, as times are not what they once were. But I will have this rose.

Stay warm. Be happy.


  1. Keep those flowers coming, Sandra, I miss the colors, catalogues and gardening!

  2. Sandra: your comments section keeps disappearing on me ~ now I see it , now I don't! Cumfuzzeling. I love your yellow study but couldn't say so. Yellow roses are my favourites too! ☺ Almost the same colour as your study walls.

  3. gsc, this is the time we need to look at flowers!

    Ganeida, it disappears for me as well. Have you tried running your cursor over the spot where the comments is? When I do that it shows up. I don't know why it is as it is. The yellow rose signifies friendship. The gold walls make me feel sunny!

  4. Yes ~ sometimes it shows, sometimes not. Oh well, it showed this time so if the computer doesn't eat it we're all good. ☺


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