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Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Turtle Comes Out Of The Shell

What have I done! I joined. Three clubs in one day.

Tri-County Riders of Watertown Saddle Club. Kristina and I tried to join last year, but no one got back to me and as I broke my wrist it didn't matter anyway. So now I have joined. We are not the typical saddle club members, but Lipizzan, Saddlebred and Arabian might add some spice to the mix! My horses have been a business, and therefore work, for so long I think we will enjoy some fun stuff. And getting off the farm. Did I say I need to get off the farm? Now I have to lose weight and get on poor old Spenser. I can tell you, he's thrilled. The boy above is a little too much for me right now, which makes him very thrilled!

The Westonka Horticultural Society. They meet at the community center in Mound, a short six mile drive for me. I think this will be a pleasant diversion from my increasingly dull life. Gardeners are a oddly mixed bunch.

Blue Horse
Franz Marc

Now don't laugh. Watertown Fine Arts Society. This is not an oxymoron. Really. OK, I almost laughed out loud when I read the name, but there is money in this area and somehow they came up with funds to build a state-of-the-art 600 seat theatre. They received a $32,000 donation and bought a Boston piano and have a climate controlled room to house it. The group is working at making Watertown a center for the arts in the western fringe. Personally I always have associated the town with the tattoo parlor and Pam's Bar. I guess I was mistaken. It could be fun... or funny. Either is a diversion from manure.

I have lived in this community for nearly two decades and I have never made an effort to become part of it. Now that my horse business went down with the economy I am looking for something to add to my life. I am still busy because I own so many of them, but I'm not interacting with humans anymore. No breeding clients, no buyers, no boarders........ only horses and dogs. That's not all bad, but too much of a good thing is too much. I'm going to forget how to talk before long.

So I joined. Now I need to re-find that brake between my brain and my mouth and I suppose I will need to buy some clothes that aren't threadbare and stained. Oh, oh. The second will be much easier then the first.

This could be a long and winding road or a short walk down the drive. Either way, I may get OFF THE FARM.


  1. How exciting! Can't wait to hear about all these new activities. Do they all begin now or in the spring?

    I have the same problem - re: lost brake. Oh well....adds some spice to life (to mix metaphors!).

  2. Hi Bonnie. The garden club has a series of Garden Gab Sessions. I missed the january session, but the next is Feb. 6 "Spring is the Time for Maple Syrup." The Westonka Historical Society is involved in this one, as Mound was once home to the premier maple syrup enterprises in the US.

    The saddle club has a banquet next week, but I don't know anyone so I won't attend that. There is a meeting in Feb. which I will attend.

    The arts society is a 'will call when an event comes up'.

    I love my life with horses, but time to do something else. Of course one of the activities is with horses. : )

  3. I look forward with anticipation to many entertaining posts. With a name like Watertown Fine Arts there has to be a gigle in there somewhere.

  4. Oh there is..... the town is not, shall we say, progressive!

  5. So, is this typical of you? When you decide to do something, you go all the way? Not one but three clubs? I love it! They all sound very fun. Good for you...I know it takes effort, but You will be such a blessing to others. And...I bet you will have fun too! Look forward to hearing about it all. I'm still enjoying hibernating this winter, but maybe this spring....We'll see!

  6. You go girl!! Not just one club but three, when you make a decision you do it. Have fun!

  7. How fun! Glad to meet you, blogger to the north. I will follow as well. Your horses are breathtaking, and your posts look very interesting. I look forward to reading more! -Tammy

  8. I'm sorry -- have to leave one more. I just noticed this. I love your little comment above the comment box. LOL! My first impression is that you are a person who says what I would like to say (but don't have the guts to). Fearless! Whoa Nellie! I admire that :) -Tammy

  9. Good for you. There comes a point in life where there are decisions to make, often due to situations beyond our control. It is easier to stay home in our rut.

    With those diverse clubs, you are bound to have some interesting times.

  10. My dear Sandra, lose the brake. We don't need any of those at our age.
    If by now they are not rusted they are probably ready to be canned. You are too charming to take offense at anything you may say and if somebody does it is because they lack grace.
    I am not a joiner but I applaud the idea.

  11. Looks like someone is going to be very busy.

  12. Debra; Yes I would say this is typical for me. I'm not impulsive but I am decisive. I thought about this for some time.... the saddle club was on my agenda last spring. I hope I hit pay dirt with at least one of them!

    Judy: yes I do. Fortunately none of these decisions is big. : )

    Tammy; I think I've spent too much time with horses! I need the whoa put on me a little bit, but no trainer will take me on. Glad to have you stop in.

    Jean: Ain't it the truth. My rut has become so deep I won't be able to crawl out if I don't do it soon. I know you have found a way off the farm to do something different. If you can do it, so can I!

    Allegra: What a nice thing to say. I do need to be more mindful at times though. I am not a joiner either. I tend toward solitude, but it isn't good for me to spend so much time alone. Joining these clubs is outside the norm for me, but I can do it and I can try. I am most inclined toward the garden club. This is where I have most of my hope for success.

  13. Lori, I hope I will be a little busy with something fun. Because I'm always busy with daily work!

  14. Oh my word. You are going to be a whirlwind of activity. Let me know how it goes...I may have to leave my "cave" as I lovingly refer to my abode.

  15. Good for you Sandra! I would love to learn more about making Maple Syrup, my son and I had the opportunity once to help with the trees and collecting sap, I would love to learn to do that too!! Then, I could have honey in the summer, and maple syrup in the winter!!! How cool is that?? I hope you post what you experience at that meeting!

  16. Britwife, I'll let you know if I survive.

    luckyducky, glad you found my blog! Hope you are healed after your fall and that everything is back to some semblance of normal. I'll surely report on my day.


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