Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Friday, January 15, 2010

Find Comfort

There is comfort in the familiar. The thing is, the familiar is changing. I think perhaps we have walked through the looking glass.

So it is important to find comfort where we can. To make sure to notice a moment, to acknowledge a kindness. Scratch your dog behind the ears and see her smile.

Enjoy a bowl of hot soup and a glass of wine. Use the good crystal....what are you saving it for? Stop worrying about the things that mean nothing. Tomorrow is another day; or maybe not. There may not be a tomorrow, so live life like you mean it.

Have a piece of cake.


  1. Do I see little pieces of rhubarb in your cake? Yum - looks scrumptious!!

    Finding comfort in the little things of each moment is vital. So easy to forget. Thanks for the reminder.

    We always use our best glasses for wine - it tastes better - and that is comforting!

    Boy, don't we need comfort these days.

    Like your new look. Glad to see you kept a thumbnail photo of your old header. I love that photograph!

  2. you clever lady - froze rhubarb I see. yum. Lovely post. I agree a million times over. i stopped at my favorite shabby chic flower shop yesterday and bought myself two separate arrangements just to look at. We sat on the dirty old wood floor pf the place petting the soft soft head of the shoppe dog Ruby while listening to jazz. It was only 7 minutes but it was a bit of heaven.

    Had to come out of lurkdom where I have been living to comment on this - oh and to tell you that we too have a persistent fly who has come out of hiding due to the sun shining the last few days - amazing!

  3. Bonnie, it is rhubarb and it is good! I had a comfort food day yesterday; I made turkey, barely, veg soup AND squash soup. I was seeking comfort.

    The old masthead photo is the neck of my Lipizzan Ari. Shelley Paulson took it on a fun day of riding a group of us had in 2008. Seems like a lifetime ago.

    Jules, I did freeze rhubarb. Our freezer died on us recently and it was PACKED. Luckily it is winter and I live in the icebox of America (as do you). I have everything packed in totes in the garage. Spring will force me to act and buy a freezer.

    Your 7 minutes sounds like a slice of heaven to me. I'm glad you ventured out of lurkdom. I'm trying to venture out of my dull, crabby-dom.

  4. Hot soup would be good right now, it's cold. Maybe I'll just go for another cup of coffee...I need to wake up more.

    Love your idea of using the fine china and crystal. Good point


  5. You can keep the soup and wine, I'll take the cake (mmmm! RHUBARB!!! and the dog...

    I should have mentioned, when I commented yesterday, that I appreciate changes I institute, not so much the ones that are dumped on me... Sunrise! YES!

  6. Sandy, might as well use it. What's it worth sitting in the cabinet.

    gsc, the dog is a real character. You might not want her! The cake on the other hand.......

  7. We started using our china for everyday years ago. Not the crystal though. Might have to start using it too.

  8. ellen, use the crystal. Somehow everything tastes better in a beautiful glass.

  9. Please, please post the cake recipe! I have tons of frozen rhubarb (that I've forgotten about) - and it looks sooooo good! :)


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