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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Eat That

I was raised by depression era parents, so I was drilled in the belief that food was not to be wasted and that I was lucky to have enough to eat. A dinner did not go by where I was not told there are people starving, so eat those potatoes.

I have had this brought to the front of my brain by an innocent forum post of a couple of days ago. Someone I have met once, but really don't know, put online that she had made a resolution to stop wasting food, and then promptly wasted several pork chops by leaving them out.

When I read the first sentence I found myself feeling wonder at the very idea of wasting food. Who does this? Someone younger than me. People who weren't daily told the value of having enough to eat. Someone who has not been effected by the economic hardship so many are living with. Someone who is not mindful.

This simple statement stuck in my mind. Echos of my mother telling me to be thankful I am not hungry and eat those hated potatoes started as I read it. Images of the college students in Michigan standing in line at the food bank. Thoughts of the millions on food stamps. Knowing there are so many who fall through the cracks. Hunger. Waste. No thought, no shame. A light little piece put online as a oops moment.

There really are two Americas.


  1. So true. Those of us who exist among the 'haves' take SO much forgranted.

    I've been watching the news coming out of Haiti. It's beyond comprehension what those poor people are going through - and yet to go through.

    Thanks for the reminder to not misuse or waste any of this world's resources.

  2. OMG, when it's taken globally it's an even larger issue. Haiti is a heartbreak even before this happened. Now it is so overwhelming as to be paralyzing.

    We need to remember resources are limited, even if our insulated lives don't daily remind us. Many of us have been too casual too long.

  3. Sorry Sandra, right where Anonymous says "Don't Laugh" in his comment Was the very moment I started to laugh.

    Re your post:
    I got really passionate about food wastage not so long ago. I was organizing a functions and some of the committee members wanted me to not bother with RSVP's and over cater by 30 people. They just didn't get how much of a waste that would be. I refused to do it and catered for the correct amount. There was ample food for all and just a little left over which 4 or 5 people divided up and took home. At the function one of the girls approached me and said "Gee I am glad you only order what you did"

    Most people don't see the bigger picture and the terrible waste it creates. This is not just with food. I think manufactures and fast growing technology are partly to blame for today's throw away society.

  4. I guess I will need to eliminate the anon ability! A porn stud, oh my!

    Liss, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I have never wasted food, but I have certainly been wasteful in my life. Age and the economic situation have combined to lead me in a different direction.


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