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Friday, January 22, 2010

Rain, Wrapping and Dust

I thought those of us in frozen landscapes could use a little encouragement.

We are stuck in a dreary cycle. The temperatures have been mild but damp. We have rain in the forecast for tomorrow. This is a bad thing in Minnesota, for it will freeze. Some may remember the awful winter I had last year because of ice. My poor horses suffered terribly.

I have been running several projects at once, which leads to havoc in the house. I'm not entirely done with the painting projects but my right shoulder has been unhappy; an unhappy shoulder does not allow for comfortable painting! So I have the finishing on hold but have done a lot of de-cluttering.

I have wrapped and boxed lots of items that had graced my living area. I realized I had not changed much of anything for the entire time we have lived here. So I swept the place clean. It was a good thing to do.

My office is a disgrace. I should be ashamed, but I'm more horrified. Somehow my blinders have been working overtime, allowing me to ignore the dust and clutter in total contentment. Once started, the enormity of the mess has come home to roost. How can I live like this? It seems, fairly easily.

Still no membership application from the saddle club. I'm going to begin to take it personally. Or realize someone may have a life and sending me an application isn't high on the list of priorities. I'd rather self aggrandize and think it's me!

If you see a swirl of dust on the horizon you will know I got back to work in my office. Take cover, save yourself. I think it's toxic.


  1. What a photograph!! Makes me almost believe Spring will come again.

    Your post did not work. I am not going to take off my blinders as I do not want to spend the day cleaning. I'd rather be painting. Dust seems to know how to hang around and wait.

    We have sun here today for the first time in a while. I feel a physical relief in its presence - that and your rose set a beautiful tone for the day.

  2. But Bonnie, you paint lovely images on canvas. I only paint walls, so I cannot divert myself so easily once I have slipped off a blinder!

  3. It has been rainy here for days, although it has warmed up to 60 degrees. Here in Tennessee we have to be careful with that kind of weather as it cause lots of "swirl" action.
    You are so productive you are prompting me to clean a closet or two!

  4. I will do almost anything if it means I can avoid cleaning. I do remember the ice from last year. I am still amazed you people are prepared to accept weather like that as noraml ~ let alone live in it! ☺

  5. Judy: there is a difference between stirring up dust and being productive. If you could see the mess you would question how productive I am!

    Ganeida: I avoid cleaning as well, until it can't be ignored. House dust causes wheezing for me, so I let myself avoid it. But it's worse when I finally do start to chase it around. I buy the expensive furnace filters to remove dust and allergens from the air, but I let an entire ecosystem grow on my bookshelves. Somehow doesn't make sense. : )

    Took a break, back to the dirt.

  6. If that's one of your roses, the society you joined is in for a treat! Gorgeous. I've been pour our coffee grounds on my old rose bush and dreaming about spring and summer blooms. Think we were one the same page today. I posted pics of rose petals from summer.

  7. Debra: It is one of mine. Flowers are a great thing to be on the same page with. We are about 3.5 mos. away from flowers blooming, bah!

  8. Thanks for your comments recently on my blog -- I do love to pop in over here and see what you're up to. The photo of the flower is so absolutely red and beautiful. Thank you for posting something so darn magnificent. I'd love to come to Minnesota sometime -- I hear it's just beautiful.

  9. Isn't it a beautiful color! As much as I complain about MN, it is beautiful here. Also extreme in temps. : )


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