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Friday, January 29, 2010

One Simple Thing


Since I put as one of my simple pleasures pie, I was compelled to make one. I have apples frozen from my ancient tree, so it was an easy decision to put a little pie together.

It didn't hold together, but it did not matter. Sweet apple with cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg saved the day. And the crust, well it was melt-in-the-mouth wonderful. A little half & half poured over the delicious mess finished it beautifully.

So now you know why I need elastic in my waistband!


  1. Your apple pie looks just the way I make mine - with extra cinnamon so the apples are brown and gooey. And the nutmeg is essential! Yummy!

    I'm going on a 21 day fast starting on Monday - so I just may have to make another apple pie (had one last week) before it starts.

    You are a temptress!

  2. I love how wonderfully rustic your pie looks....like one delicious mess!
    I can smell the cloves and nutmeg all the way over here....
    xo country girl

  3. Bonnie, I read that. I didn't say anything because I was aghast! Way too much for me to consider. I take changes like that in baby-steps. : ) And some not at all!

    country girl, I like the idea of rustic. : ) The crust makes the pie and I hit it this time!

  4. Pie is not simple for some of us. I just can't manage a crust the way I like and pie is all about the crust!

    Yours looks DELISH!

  5. Yummy yum.....yep that elastic helps huh?

  6. gsc, I will give you the crust recipe if you want it. It's easy

    Cora, I have NO will power. : )

  7. Oh...what a perfect breakfast this would be for me. I'll be right over with my cup of coffee. Can I have it warmed please?

  8. looks totally delish. love the rich colors of your shots

  9. Debra, not even for warm pie would you like to come here. -11 this AM. : o

    Queen, ME TOO!

    Char, thank you. I am not a photographer (as you can tell). Just someone with a camera. So thanks for the compliment.

  10. Oh.My. That looks so yummy and it sounds perfect for a cold winter day... hmmm, that would be TODAY! But alas, I have no apples. And not about to make the 20 mile trip to the store to get some. But I will most definitely put them on my next grocery list.

    Your last comment made me laugh out loud. Me who lives in sweat pants these days!

  11. This morning as I have a few minutes to spend on the internet before church, I am ashamed of myself. Often, on my old computer, the pictures on your blog take a while to load. I read the text and wait. This morning as I wait for the lovely flowers and entertaining animals, I realize that what I am most anxious for is to see the pie! :~)

  12. Oz Girl, don't you love sweat pants. They are my wardrobe.

    Jean, don't feel bad, I look at the pie too. It didn't last long!


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