Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Pause of Purple

I looked at the calendar and then out the window.....yep, still January.

Fortunately, I have many photos of my gardens to get me through the frozen time. The bright side is, it's bright out. The sun has made an appearance.

You know the feeling of yearning; that feeling of ache. I'm willing to bet if you live in a frozen land you know it. I want to plant, prune. It's hovering barely above zero fahrenheit. It seems the yearning will continue for some time to come.

In the meantime I will need to content myself with the image of better days.

Be warm, stay well.


  1. I remember the aching need to feel the earth between my toes and in my hands, to to smell freshly tilled, dark wet soil. Now instead of just yearning for it in the winter, I get to miss it all year round!

    We do have a few common interests, don't we? the thng with the horses wandering in our yards? I only (1/2)wish I owned them, as you do yours.

  2. That photo brings on some serious happy thoughts. Awwwweeeeee......

  3. Do you get garden catalogs? Planning gets me through some of the tougher months...I also have some house plants that get extra tlc...I know it's not the same...but it helps!

  4. gsc, i guess all you can do is container garden. But a desert landscape is beautiful in its own way. I have noticed some similarities in our selves!

    Queen, I'm so glad you are back! Isn't it an incredible purple.

    Debra, I do get them and they make it worse. I want EVERYTHING!

  5. I was thinking the other day what it must have been like in deep winter in the times before photographs and flower shops. I suppose you either painted or just remembered the flowers, foliage, green. We are very fortunate.
    Stay warm and hopeful...
    xo country girl

  6. or you went batty! I think life was so hard that there wasn't time for too much thought.


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