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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter Dawn

A cold dawn in Minnesota. Winter fell upon us seemingly overnight. I went to bed on a nice fall day and awoke in the middle of winter. As I am not Rip Van Winkle I think we had a sharp change in weather.

So the struggle begins. There are many markers which tell me my body is aging and winter is one of them. It is becoming increasingly difficult trudging through the snow and facing the cutting wind. When winter decided to come, it came with arctic air. Yippee.

I have been absent from my computer for awhile. I have been in a bit of a funk and find I don't have much to say, so I think it best to say nothing, on my blog and others. The dawn moon and the frigid air seemed worthy of a moment of my time though.

Enjoy your day good people.


  1. I've noticed and missed your absence. Your photograph is lovely. I glad you're noticing the beauty that is there. Keep noticing, it might just chase that funk away.

  2. Great moon shot Sandra. Have missed you and willing be checking my blog scroll for when you are ready to return. Take care of yourself.

  3. Can I join you? I have been funking too & funking dearly loves company. At least mine does. Keep well, my friend.

  4. I understand the funk. I am a member of the club, too. It has taken more effort than in past years to motivate my butt to get outside. Even my dog can barely make it from the house to the barn without freezing two of his feet. One he can handle....with two, I carry him. Good thing he is little. :~)

  5. I think the funk is pretty wide spread, although with the loss you have suffered and the current state of affairs, everywhere,I am not surprised to see the winter blues early.

    Perhaps it will cheer you to know that while the rest of the country got snow, dirtville had a glorious, full 24 hours of rain. I really enjoyed that, and it was/is so needed here.

    My mantras:
    "...and this, too shall pass..."
    "Better days are coming."
    100 times a day each...

  6. We all know about funk, eh? Especially those of us who live in isolated areas and have to deal with nature every day in order to survive. We have had 5 days of zero or below zero weather, and I know I should get out, but it is so cold and yucky....

    The one thing that I must always fight in the mountains is the isolation.

    And I do!

  7. I have been a little down and out down here too : ) I hope the winter is easier or milder this year for you guys. It is natural with the recent loss in your life to take awhile to feel normal again. Hugs Ash

  8. Upon reviewing my post, I also would like to note that you have a deeper reason to feel the way you do. You have suffered recent loss and change. I admire you for channeling your energy into your house projects. However, I do miss your posts.

  9. Thanks Debra. I'll keep repeating "Snow is pretty" : )

    Thanks Bonnie. I'll get back to my so-called normal soon.

    Ganeida, I would love to have you join me. I think we would lose the funk rather quickly if you did.

    Jean, we are in the same boat. Bailing gets tiring, doesn't it. Howard loses one of his hind feet quickly. Grace runs so fast the cold can't catch her.

    gsc, I'm so glad to hear dirtville got a good soaking. It must have lifted your spirits and allowed Stumpy to bring mud into the house!

    Mountain Thyme, thanks for your comment. Isolation can be hard to live with. I enjoyed reading your blog.

    Ashley, thanks for the kindness. I hope you come out of it too. I know it's hard to be away from your family.

    Jean, we bounce back and forth on troubles. It's currently my turn. Spot is not doing better. It's very depressing, so I'm glad to have something to put my mind to while I decide what to do. Or rather when to do it. Topper's feet are sore, so he is keeping her company during the day. It makes them both happy.

  10. Funny.
    Here -in Denmark, so far away from you- the winter also starts today.

    Nice blog. Nice pictures.

  11. I have to agree with the others and also think the funk is wide spread. I can't even blame the weather as it is warm here but maybe it is because the holiday season is upon us, the year is ending and we are all busy.

  12. sorry about the winter coming all of a sudden. ours did too, but i have to admit i'm grateful for the snow, as it covers up all that dreary grey.

    i hope you're feeling better soon! christmas lights and christmas food should help. :-)

  13. Farmer, thanks for commenting. I think you have even less light than we do in winter.

    Liss, I'm sorry to hear so many are feeling the blues. 'Tis the season. : )

    julockha, it wasn't so much the snow but the arctic air. It got very cold fast! I don't think there will be much festivities here this year. Bah, humbug. : )

  14. The computer's a great place to spend time when the weather outside is frightful. Do come play more with us. I'm taking a few minutes to catch my breathe from cleaning and decorating to visit everyone on my bloglog to say Merry Christmas, in case I don't have time later.



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