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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Comes The Season

It's coming. Tomorrow. We don't want to believe it, but it's on its way. Winter.

It is December 1st and we will be 45 degrees today. Ah, bliss! Tomorrow the hammer drops and we enter winter. Seemingly for the duration. I've allowed myself the luxury of believing this is real. I feel somewhat betrayed by the weather guy. How dare he burst my well-tended bubble of delusion?

So on this last beautiful day I will once again repair the front of Sophie and Iris' shed (so they can tear it down again) and do the remaining final touches that have been put off while I dwelled in my bubble. And brace for the cold blustery day ahead. And ahead......

Some snow would be nice. In the beginning of winter it is nice to see snow. I have always felt a lift from the first snowfall. When you keep horses snow is actually your friend in a frozen climate. Their tootsies don't care for the frozen ground.

Yet as I look out my window I see a large field of corn awaiting the combine. The grass is still green. So there have been contributors to my delusion.


  1. This global warming thing does mess with our heads - in many ways!

    Enjoy your 45 degree day Sandra.

  2. Not so, I am assured on good authority that it's only here for a day! The recycle bins were iced together this morning.

  3. We got our first real snow last night but they are calling for warmer weather again later this week! I have to admit i have been loving this!

  4. Last night was one of the coldest yet for us in Tenn. Although I still have roses blooming and azaleas.

  5. Bonnie, climate change is evident in MN. We are having winters that are problematic and dry, hot summers.

    Dave, I would like to talk to your source!

    Lorac, I have liked the mild weather myself. It's coming to an end today though. Reality is right around the corner.

    Queen, I thought you lived in Vegas because what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. : )

    Judy, now that's cruel.....speaking of blooming roses and azaleas and saying it's cold!

  6. You have a very beautiful blog...I got here from Lorac. Your interests are very similar to mine..horses, politics...gardening etc. Sorry for the loss of your horse. What a beauty.

  7. Lori, Thank You! I appreciate your visit. I enjoy Lorac's wonderful views of her Canadian landscape.

    Thank you for the condolences for Shaka. I will miss him for the rest of my life.

  8. I have to say that we were on the edge of both fronts - the one from the north just skimmed us and the one from the south just missed us - we have been living in this odd belt lately. A dusting.. that is all.

  9. Wow, those were some serious icicles! I remember your difficult winter last year. Bundle up!


  10. Jules, It's coming, but we sure have enjoyed the break!

    Ashley, last winter was so bad because of the melt-thaw cycle. Horses don't do well on ice. I sure hope we don't go through that again!


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