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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Is This What We Have Come To?

Due to a Supreme Court ruling in February, corporations have the right to free speech, meaning they may funnel as much money into the political forum as they see fit and they may do it anonymously. This group got an amendment on the Colorado ballot essentially banning all abortions. No one will know who is funding this.

This is not about abortion, but rather how far we have gone, becoming increasingly extreme not only in our views, but in our expression of said views. This is the sitting President of the United States. I was taught to respect the office, if not always the holder of the title. Obviously there are no lines which cannot be crossed. And just as obvious, it seems there are no limits to the number of people willing to cross them.

I fear for us. I really do.

Pay attention the quote by Jefferson. Funny how the living, breathing life, the life which has been born holds no meaning to these very same people.


  1. There is a special place in hell for people like these bastards! You know I don't swear but I cannot imagine what else to call them.

    I fear for us as well when decency goes to hell in a handbasket at the hands of the liars and the true nazis in this country.

    But I have a shred of faith in the people, in the women of Colorado that can stand to the dishonesty and falsehood these people sell in hopes to reduce our country to a bastion of true immorality, the
    one that can be sustained like this, by creating lies and fear, by the denial of basic rights over our own bodies and above all, by believing that "we are all created equal, but some of us are more equal than the rest"

    May they rot in Hell where they belong.

  2. is this real??? !!!!!

    I am literally shaking.

  3. just curious where you found this Sandra.

  4. Allegra, yes.

    deb, this is a TV ad which is being broadcast in Colorado. I found it at wegoted.com
    You have no idea what is happening here. It is a very scary thing.

    Elizabeth, you said it.

  5. Joseph Mengele was dubbed 'The Angel of Death'. I don't think the reference is a coincidence.


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