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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sunshine, Soup & Sneezy

Mark and I are both under-the-weather.
Shelley Paulson Photo

It hardly seems fair. We are having absolutely beautiful fall days and we are both down for the count. We generally have better timing; he gets sick, then I get sick. Never at the same time. It makes for nothing getting done. I would not want anyone looking into my barn right now. A poor opinion of my horse-keeping would be had. Not to be helped, though. I'm now old enough to know better. The work will keep. I need to lay low so I can get back on my feet sooner. No more, the days of dragging myself along by the self-placed ring in my nose, valiantly attempting to do too much and only succeeding in prolonging my misery.

I have a stock pot of chicken wings on the stove which will eventually become chicken soup, my cure for all that ails me. Other than that and the basics for the beasties, I am taking to my recliner with some chamomile tea and remaining there for the day.

I will return to my bright, cheery self ☼ soon, I'm sure. But for now it will be a box of kleenex and a droopy me. And a beautiful day taunting me through the window glass.


  1. Do take care Sandra. Sounds like a cozy, reflective day with great views out the window. I do miss a great bowl of chicken soup, now that we are vegetarians chicken is not on the shopping list. Mind you, have not had one cold or flu since changing to a plant-based diet. I really do feel it has boosted my/our immune systems.

    It's horrid being sick at the same time! No one to wait on you!!!

  2. Aaack. I despise being sick. It's good you are laying low and taking care. You're right, the work can wait. I'm still not over the emotional shock of last fall's swine flu. And both sick at once is doubly unfair. I find the older I get, the slower I bounce back - from anything. Get well soon.

  3. Hot water, 2 tablespoons of honey and the juice of one lemon. Drink it as hot as you can and get a blanket to wrap yourself with and to help "glow" the pestilence out of your system.

    I am feeling a bit off myself today, last night I actually fell my glands going down my neck and got a sore throat. It better be on its way out the door by tomorrow (CTscan around 11:00 AM) and then the next infusion next Thursday.
    Thus is the glamorous life of this woman here) Get A year in Provence to read, after all this years it makes me laugh. Feel better, and the horses will be fine.

  4. Take Allegra's brew and add grated fresh ginger! Let me know if you don't adore it!

  5. Oh, feel better soon! And that photo is gorgeous!


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